R&D Engineer

Alicia Ruppelt

  • Affiliation: R&D Engineer @ LifeTec Group
  • Academic: Biotechnology at Technical University of Berlin
  • Expertise: (see 'Professional')
How to get in touch with Alicia


Alicia joined LifeTec Group in 2020 in the scope of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant project SINERGIA funded by the European Commission. Previously she has studied Biotechnology at the Technical University of Berlin where she graduated in 2020 on 3D bioprinting.

Within the SINERGIA project, Alicia's role is to continue the developement of the BioLiver platform by researching the tissue physiology of the acutely perfused livers ex-vivo. The aim is to extend the duration of perfusion to enable tissue response studies on pharmacological interventions, in close collaboration with the SINERGIA consortium. The consortium partners have in-depth knowlegde of cell behaviour from single cell cultures, to microfluidics device, organs-on-a-chip and in vivo testing. Within this extensive network Alicia aims to create a bioreactor platform for prolonged liver culturing together with the LifeTec Team.

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