• "The PhysioHeart platform allowed us to improve the design of our device faster than we could imagine. A far better methodology to obtain significant data and insights compared to animal tests."

    Prof. Roberto Parravicini

The quest

The Eucardia team approached LifeTec Group in the early development stages of the Heart Damper. Like many start-up companies, Eucardia was looking for fast and effectives platforms to assess their innovative device. Animal tests were their first attempt, but proved to be ineffective and inefficient for their early-stage device. 

After a discussion with the LifeTec team, a plan for testing and development was drafted, based on several passive-heart and PhysioHeart sessions to collect data and insights based on which new designs and prototypes were developed. 

What was done

Thanks to the potency of the passive-heart and PhysioHeart platform, the Heart Damper was thoroughly tested. The device deployment, retractability, hemodynamic performance and dynamic interaction with the ventricle were evaluated. This allowed for effective design iterations, which led to significant improvements in the device in a very short time frame. In other words, LifeTec supported Eucardia to obtain relevant insights, quickly and with a limited budget. 

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