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The quest

Is there a need, is it feasible?

Often Venture Capitalists and Informal Investors do ask themselves these questions. However, it is a fact that it’s difficult to find satisfactory answers or to get a good estimate of the risks involved. And that leads on the one hand to missed opportunities or lost investments, and on the other hand to medtech innovators missing out on the capital they need.

The consequence that a good opportunity is missed also means that society loses a chance of a truly innovative and effective solution for a medical problem. The call for innovative, effective, and lasting solutions for the problems and diseases of the ageing population is loud and clear.

  • LifeTec Group | Expert Panel Meeting
    LifeTec Group | Expert Panel Meeting
    LifeTec Group | Expert Panel Meeting | [L] Marco Stijnen (MSc, PhD), [M] Bas de Mol (MD, PhD, GD), [R] Alberto Leopaldi (PhD, EMBA cand.)

What we do

How LifeTec Group deals with the two core questions:

“Is it technologically feasible?”

calls for the pragmatic engineering approach for which LifeTec Group is so well known. In their approach, the LifeTec Group engineers are not limited by the current state-of-the-art, but go beyond that. That this attitude pays off is evidenced by e.g. the existence of PhysioHeart™ isolated beating heart platform, which was unimaginable until they successfully developed it. It is this attitude that leads to a complete and thorough answer to the technological feasibility question. 

“Is there a medical need?”

To find a satisfactory answer to this question, LifeTec Group relies on their 12 years of experience, on the experience with hundreds of clients that they have helped, and on their worldwide clinical, industrial, research, and entrepreneurial network, with which they form the highly valued LifeTec Group expert panels. Concomitantly, this also creates a valuable outlook on the commercial feasibility of the proposition, where IP position, market movement, product complexity, community acceptance can turn out to be essential barriers that are often overlooked.

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