Among LifeTec Group followers we are known for our Physioheart (the ‘beating heart platform’), our Heart Valve Assessment Platform, Osteochondral Platform, Cardiac Biosimulator Platform and other tailor-made as well as customizable research platforms, which all contribute to achieving fast, solid research results.

As you may well know, in our R&D, assessment and training assignments we always customize our platform to the specific needs of the therapy under consideration. 

But here’s something you may not know: 

we also provide customized platforms for R&D or training in our clients’ in-house facilities, of course tailored to their specific application needs.


In the first semester of this year we ‘built’ a small number of Cardiac Biosimulator Platforms for clients.

As these platforms are unique in their nature, training is an important part of successfully setting up test or training campaigns. 

We trained several teams of future operators and after on-site acceptance tests supervised these newly trained users on their first experience in their own facilities. 

  • Custom-tailored Cardiac Biosimulator Platforms
    Custom-tailored Cardiac Biosimulator Platforms
    Custom-tailored Cardiac Biosimulator Platforms

Please do not hesitate to contact Marco Stijnen if you require any further information:

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Marco Stijnen
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