"Helping clients to move forward"

"Helping clients to move forward"

"LifeTec Group is always helping their clients to move forward, not only by supporting their technology development but also by looking for means to be able to do so

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"financing MedTech development becomes harder"

Increasingly, we experience that financing MedTech development becomes harder following the ‘traditional’ VC model. For example, time frames for expected return do not match time frames of MedTech development, and the new MDR certainly does not contribute to this.

Besides, the impact first principle we all wish to pursue by acting patient-centred seems to get lost along the way. ​

"impact funds"

LifeTec Group believes to find the solution for this is in specialized impact funds and is actively involved in creating such funds. We look forward to report further on this in the near future."

- Dr. Jurgen de Hart, CEO -

Please do not hesitate to contact Jurgen de Hart if you require any further information:

Jurgen de Hart
Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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