R&D Engineer

Martina Puricelli

  • Affiliation: R&D Engineer| Early Stage Researcher of CarBon Consortium, Horizon 2020 project
  • Academic: MSc in Biomedical engineering – Cells, Tissue and Biotechnology
  • Expertise: Cellular Bioengineering, Cells and Tissue Culture, Tissue Engineering, Osteochondral platform
How to get in touch with Martina

Introducing Martina Puricelli

The aim is for my research to provide more insight into how diseases originate and develop, and how tissue reacts to regenerative drugs.’ 



At LifeTec Group professionals from many countries work together. Early stage researcher Martina Puricelli is one of them.

Italian Martina deliberately opted for a career abroad. ‘Here I can fulfil my ambitions.’  


Martina grew up in the village of Gallarate, a stone's throw from Milan.

There, in the second-biggest city of Italy, she entered university in 2011. ‘I studied biomedical engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, specialising in cells, tissue and biotechnology research in regenerative medicine.’ She graduated in the summer of 2017.

When I finished I went to Singapore to gain some work experience.’ Why did you travel so far afield? ‘Other countries and different cultures have always appealed to me.'  After six months she returned to Italy with a backpack full of knowledge and experience. ‘I then joined the RAMSES laboratory of the Instituto Ortopedico Rizzoli in Bologna, a leading institute with a strong international reputation. It was a great opportunity for me.


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