R&D Engineer

Mattia D'Alessi

  • Affiliation: R&D Engineer
  • Academic: MSc Biomedical Engineering
  • Expertise: Assessment Studies, R&D Medical Devices, Biomechatronics, Heart Valves Testing
How to get in touch with Mattia


Mattia is Heart Valve Assessment Platform operator and performs several other assessment studies on medical devices. 

Introducing Mattia D'Alessi:


From Italy to Enschede and from Chicago via Italy to Eindhoven. Globetrotter Mattia D’Alessi has worked for LifeTec Group since January (2018). And he feels like a fish in water here.

Everyone is always ready to help each other, both at work and elsewhere. It feels a bit like they’re my Dutch family.” 


"Biomedical Engineering Specialising in Neural Motor Systems:"

Mattia comes from a village near Venice. His studies soon took him to other places around the world.

First he went to Milan to do Biomedical Engineering, then he did a Master in the Netherlands at the University of Twente (Biomedical Engineering specialising in Neural Motor Systems Studying the Movement in Humans). He finished part of his Master in the USA, in Chicago to be exact. Once graduated, Mattia returned to his native Italy. But not for long.

Pretty soon I noticed the job ad for R&D Engineer at LifeTec Group. I wrote immediately. It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity.



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