Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

We're happy to report on a new research collaboration on Abdominal Aortic Aneursysm treatment. Angiolutions and its award-winning founders are developing a device innovation in this field and they have chosen to work with LifeTec Group on ex-vivo experimentation to learn about device-tissue interaction and generate proof of concept data. Aortic abdominal aneurysms (AAA's) are mostly asymptomatic, but when the aneurysms grow to a diameter of more than 5 centimeters they are prone to rupture which in most cases leads to death. Once an aneurysm is observed, it is believed that - amongst other factors - biomechanical factors in the aneurysm region influence aneurysm growth.

Ex-vivo characterization

In preparation for animal trials and clinical studies, the team of Angiolutions were looking for a partner to study aortic behavior and the interaction of their device concepts in a clinically and physiologically relevant environment.  Angiolutions’ CEO, Dr. Uwe Raaz: “We needed to identify a collaborator with significant expertise in ex-vivo organ modelling to provide a custom-made platform for our device tests.” They turned to LifeTec Group to support them in their quest, making use of our extensive background in ex-vivo modeling and knowledge in the cardiovascular field. LifeTec group were more than happy to act an extension of the R&D team of Angiolutions, where LifeTec Group would apply their experiences in setting up a relevant ex-vivo test environment and Angiolutions could stay focused on the device side. In this particular case, we have customized our Heart Valve Assessment Platform (HVAP) so that we could mount porcine aorta segments harvested in a local slaughterhouse, and generate physiological pressure and flow pulses to characterize the variation of aortic properties from proximal thoracic to distal abdominal regions using ultrasound measurements.

LifeTec Group's Mattia d'Alessi explains: "The Heart Valve Assessment Platform gives us full control and accurate measurements of pressure and flow in the aorta, as well as great maneuverability for ultrasound measurements of the aorta. Using the HVAP we can ensure a versatile environment to study porcine aortic biomechanics. We could immediately provide valuable information to Angiolutions with only minor customization of our test environment.“

Anticipating prototype studies

More to come!

This year, we have welcomed the team of Angiolutions in our lab for the first time. The expertise from both teams made it possible for the first day to already be a success and prove that we can accurately characterize aortic biomechanics. We will now continue the collaboration improving the platform for this specific series of studies to make it as similar as possible to the human equivalent. Furthermore, we are anticipating the first device prototypes to be produced for the next session of experimenting at LifeTec Group.

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