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We're happy to share that our labs are still open, and with strict COVID measures we can facilitate R&D assignments as well as small scale training events. Another successful training session with BioVentrix was held at our premises, to further enhance their procedure training that is so important to improve the safety and outcome of the clinical interventions.

Successful study outcome

Confirming Safety

At the end of February, BioVentrix presented the short- and midterm outcomes of their clinical studies on the improvements of the LIVE procedure to treat ischemic heart failure patients, at the conference of the German Association of Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular surgergy (DGTHG). The video of this presentation by prof. Thorsten Hanke can be seen here. The analysis results show that with the latest iteration of the procedure, it is safe to use and has a significant short- and midterm impact on improving ejection fraction and left ventricular volume reduction.

Improving training possibilities

Training is important

The outcome of the study was very promising, but it also indicates that training is an important aspect to be able to maintain the safety of the procedure when involving new clinical centers. With the ongoing collaboration between BioVentrix's European clinical team and LifeTec Group, further refinements on the training protocol are under development where the Cardiac BioSimulator platform forms the basis for training sessions on the execution of the LIVE procedure. Surely, the treatment of a real patient is more complex than the trainig model, but the Cardiac BioSimulator provides a very good basis for teaching several important steps of the clinical procedure and both of our teams are working together to get the most relevant training model.

  • Gaining hands-on experience with the devices on the Cardiac BioSimulator
  • Utter concentration during device placment
  • Evalutating the procedure
  • The Cardiac BioSimulator: a great platform for clinical intervention training
a safe and adaptive environment

Great training opportunity

To secure safety with right ventricular apical snaring and ventricular anchor implantation plus the Antonius stitch in a safe and adaptive environment , the BioVentrix Field Team enjoyed a great training session at LifeTec Group using the Cardiac BioSimulator as an in-vitro pig model to reproduce and confirm safety standards in LIVE Procedure following the principles for successful outcomes presented at DGTHG 2021. It was a wonderful opportunity to work together to enable the BioVentrix Field Team to further increase their already high level of skills and work towards an even better training procedure.


We used the LifeTec Facility and the cardiac Bio-Simulator to confirm and reproduce the technical skills of our clinical Field Team. Obviously the procedure is rather straightforward compared to reality, however it is significant experience for the field teams since we strive to ensure highest level of experience and confidence for our team. We really enjoy working with the LifeTec team; they are skilled and knowledgable and always trying to support our needs

Tobias Schwert
Director Clinical& Medical Affairs EU

What's in it for you?

If you're a clinician involved in treating patients with cardiac disease, or a device company that is developing cardiac treatments for those patients, LifeTec Group can support you to develop a hands-on training experience using our cardiac models such as the Cardiac BioSimulator or the PhysioHeart platform. We'll be focused on creating a training setting that comes as close as possible to treating a real patient and allow you to train the relevant steps of a new device procedure. LifeTec Group can facilitate the training in-house, but we can also support you in teaching hospital environments on-site. Alternatively, LifeTec Group can provide the simulator platforms if you prefer to remain independent from our services. The same applies for the R&D phase for device or therapy innovations, where LifeTec Group can support you to re-create a realistic test setting. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have ideas for your R&D or training projects and have an interest in how we could support you. Our team is there for you!

Please reach out to Sheila for more information!

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