The BioVentrix LIVE Procedure

BioVentrix have developed the LIVE™ Procedure, which utilizes the Revivent TC™ Transcatheter Ventricular Enhancement System to improve cardiac function by restoring the shape, volume, and resulting performance of the left ventricle (LV) in ischemic heart failure patients. The BioVentrix team recognizes that a good training procedure is important to help clinicians to perform well in their first clinical interventions and connected to the LifeTec Group team to develop such a clinically relevant training procedure.

CBS training development

After some early discussions and trials, we felt confident that the Cardiac BioSimulator Platform was a good basis for a clinically relevant training on the LIVE TM procedure, and both teams engaged in adjusting the simulator platform to be able to capture the relevant parts of the interventional procedure. The result was so promising that the entire BioVentrix team was invited to a training session, to train their trainers and provide feedback on the intervention itself, the training program and the simulated environment.

  • BioVentrix LIVE training
  • BioVentrix LIVE training
  • BioVentrix LIVE training
  • BioVentrix LIVE training

Great success

Earlier this week, this training event took place. LifeTec Group was very proud to have the BioVentrix team in our lab and to be able to provide them with everything they needed, in a safe working environment. And it was a great success! The feedback from the BioVentrix team is quoted below.

Incredible Experience

“It has been an incredible experience for the European BioVentrix Team being able to perform the LIVE™ Procedure in a real clinical set up. Interdisciplinary communication went smooth and each procedure ended with perfect placement of anchor pairs to exclude LV scar.
Thank you LifeTec Group™ Group for your continuous partnership and all preparation to make this training sufficient and beneficial. You provided us a real life experience which is priceless to bring our expertise to the next level.
Thank you BioVentrix Team, bringing in your knowledge and your passion. Thank you Thasee Pillay and Paulo Neves for your excellent support. This will help bringing ischemic HF patient support to the next level."

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