Doing Well While Doing Good

Finding investors is one of the most difficult hurdles faced by start-ups in medical technology. Banks are hardly itching to get involved. The number of impact investors, on the other hand, is growing; they actively look for ways and opportunities to contribute something meaningful to enterprises and society alike. For some reason, however, they haven’t been able to find their way to medtech yet. 

In its 15-year existence LifeTec Group has supported, tested and assessed over 150 medical devices and therapies. With its pragmatic but holistic approach and sharp business focus, the company has developed the expertise and capacity to assess whether a medical device has a good chance of making it or not. 

The complete picture

‘We look at the clinical need, technical feasibility and commercial feasibility. The complete picture tells us a great deal about the risks,’ Jurgen de Hart says. He is CEO at LifeTec Group. ‘Inventors and investors are struggling with wonderful ideas, all over the world. Although these ideas are often brilliant, many of them never reach society. The entrepreneurship, the knowledge of the market, or simply the financial resources are lacking, and that’s regrettable. We want to guide relevant ideas, things patients need, in the direction of the patient.’ 

'wonderful ideas'

In its 15-year existence LifeTec Group has supported, tested and assessed over 150 medical devices and therapies. One of the 'wonderful ideas' supported by LifeTec Group is the minimaly invasive mitral valve repair device of US based NeoChord. (video)

‘By carrying out feasibility studies, we can offer transparency. Is it technically feasible to develop and manufacture this product? Is there a need for it? How well can the idea be protected? How much money, realistically speaking, is actually needed? And, most importantly, will doctors use it and will patients accept it? With a properly underpinned assessment report, both medical technology entrepreneurs and potential investors know what they’re really talking about, which risks are involved and which true opportunities are at hand.’

'Come forward!'

Jurgen calls on medical technology start-ups to come forward. ‘It’s a real shame when good inventions are shelved. Anyone who is stuck with a project can come to LifeTec Group. We can be the link in the chain, the springboard to accelerate the process. Both for inventors and investors,’ he says. 

Jurgen concludes: ‘We are also researchers, medtech entrepreneurs and investors ourselves. We know from experience what that involves. We can help take the gut feeling out of decision-making, eliminate the doubts in your head and replace them with 12 years of experience with medical technology, knowledge and skill.’ 

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