Getting rid of a pain in the neck

We all know someone or you are that someone suffering from constant neck pain. It could come from a hernia or from degeneration of the spine, but irrespective of the cause you want to be rid of it and get it treated effectively. When pain meds and physical therapy are no longer a solution, you can opt for surgery. But surgery means fusion of some spinal segments leading to stiffness and immobility in the neck. Basically, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The prevalence of neck pain is on the rise as age is a factor and the average lifespan continues to increase. Reduced quality of life leading to a significant social issue is what triggered LifeTec Group to develop a better solution. 

Joining forces

LifeTec Group and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) have joined forces in Meliora Medical BV to bring an invention by Professor Keita Ito of TU/e's department of Orthopaedic Biomechanics to the patient. The invention is a prosthetic intervertebral disc to reduce pain and restore freedom of movement in people with serious neck (and back - red.) problems. 

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Dr. ir. Lars Mulder

'serving society'

‘The standard surgical treatment is fusion of the patient’s vertebrae, restricting freedom of movement.' Dr. ir. Lars Mulder, biomedical engineer and operational director at LifeTec Group, explains. ‘The prosthesis invented by Professor Keita Ito tackles the cause and solves the problem. A wonderful invention. That is why we are putting time and energy into bringing it towards the patient. It fits in with our vision: serving society with the medical devices people deserve. In this case that means that patients can be pain free without forfeiting freedom of movement.’ 

Accelerating the process

‘We are now developing Professor Keita Ito's idea further at a fast but responsible pace. We have investigated whether there is a need for the product among doctors and patients. We have also looked carefully at the patents. The technical and commercial feasibility has been investigated as well. Finally (early stage - red.) financiers have been pulled on board to fund the preclinical stage and contacts have been made for financing later stages. All that at a rapid pace. That is our strength. We have followed these trajectories many times and can therefore speed up the process. We turn relevant ideas that would have remained at the bottom of a drawer without us, into innovations that can change the lives of patients. That is how we make a difference. We increase the chance of an innovation seeing the light of day.’ 

CE certification

Meliora Medical aims to have CE certification on the prosthesis within three to four years. Actually putting the product on the market is a step, which LifeTec Group prefers to leave to other parties. ‘You have to stick to what you’re good at. We’re good at medical technology innovation, while others are good at product promotion. But whatever happens, for now we’re going to focus on the coming period.’

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