A new challenge

Last week we said goodbye to our colleague Martina Puricelli, who has now moved to Sweden for a new professional challenge and to be together with the love of her life. She worked for the past 1,5 years at LifeTec Group within the CarBon Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN-ETN) -  a major European research and training consortium in the framework of H2020 program, focused on understanding and controlling causes and pathways of cartilage to bone transition.

Although the period was not so long, Martina did a tremendous amount of work, which all lead to a more stable and mature ex vivo osteochondral platform (link).  This can be used to assess treatment options for cartilage and bone repair for patients suffering from diseases such as osteoarthritis.

mechanical load and disease model

mechanical load and disease model

Due to Martina’s effort, our system now has a mechanical loading module which is used to apply compressive forces on 6 cartilage-bone samples in parallel, in a very accurate manner. This is very important as cartilage and bone are known to degenerate in absence of mechanical loading. This way our ex vivo cultures resembles the in vivo joint environment even more, eventually leading to a reduction of animal experiments needed to test treatments and therapies for cartilage and bone diseases.

Next to that, Martina has put a lot of time and effort in the development of methods to induce a disease state in ex vivo culture osteochondral samples. The availability of a disease state, similar to what is observed in patients suffering from e.g. osteoarthritis, will make our model even more relevant for testing of treatment options against these diseases. Martina’s work has resulted in two very interesting approaches to induce a disease state, which will be further explored in the near future within our company.




  • A plug of bone covered with cartilage tissue
  • OsteoChondral Platform with 6 mechanically loaded tissue cultures
  • Martina proudly presenting her work

Thanks for all you contributed!

Apart from the contribution to our osteochondral platform, Martina contributed a lot to LifeTec Group as company and as a team. Martina is a very hard worker, very creative, a real team player and always willing to help everybody. Due to her Italian background, we were very lucky to enjoy plenty of Italian cookies, liquors and other treats. Martina and her very nice and open personality will be missed in our team!

We wish Martina all the best for her new future in Sweden together with her Fiancé. We are sure she will find a nice challenge in which she can put all her energy and creativity. Thank you very much Martina for all you contributed to LifeTec Group!

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