Flushing the chest cavity

In previous years, Haermonics had approached LifeTec Group with a request to support them on the development of a system that could be used to flush the thorax of patients following cardiac surgery. The inventor of the idea,  thoracic surgeon dr. Dave Koolbergen , had learned that flushing the pericardium following open-thorax surgery resulted in less complications for the patients. Normally, these patients receive a chest tube during post-operative care, through which excess blood can be removed from the chest cavity. However, when applying the flushing approach, it would be difficult to quantify how much blood loss the patient has suffered.

Quantifying blood loss

To quantify the amount of blood in the flushing fluid, a sensor was needed that could measure the concentration of blood from pure flushing fluid to pure blood. There was no sensor technology available in that large range, and therefore Marcel Wijlaars has been working on a prototype sensor technology that could be applied to the proposed flushing procedure. In the lab at LifeTec Group, there is a wealth of experience in working with perfusion systems, using blood obtained from slaughterhouse origin. The early results of this work in our lab, where the sensor was tested on a variety of known blood concentrations, were very promising.

New funding secured

Earlier this month, Haermonics issued a press release stating that they have secured new financial backing. Led by the BOM Brabant ventures and including GAP Technologies as investors, the new funding will be used to build and demonstrate the first flushing machines and devices for further clinical testing in the Amsterdam University Medical Center.

LifeTec Group is very proud of this important step, and we are excited that our contribution to this technology development may be beneficial to patients in the near future!

The official press release can be found here (link)

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