Better and safer care

Together with Hearmonics and Demcon, we are going to collaborate in the upcoming years to contribute to better, safer care after open heart surgery. Haermonics has selected a team of partners that in the next few years will commit themselves to ensure better and safer patient care following open heart surgery.

Together, we are developing an innovative draining and flushing system that will ensure that after open heart surgery the bleeding will be reduced over 50%. Clots and excessive blood loss after cardiac surgery cause additional IC care, more blood transfusions, atrial fibrilations, 21 Billion Euros of extra cost of care and cause over 25,000 deaths annually.  The Haermonics flush has proven to prevent unnecessary re-operations.

Development collaboration

Demcon will first develop a prototype that will convince users and stakeholders about the necessity and functioning of the system. LifeTec Group has developed a prototype sensor that can detect blood loss in the fluid that is drained from the patient. This real-time measuring system will be integrated into the prototype.

Happy to help future patients

We are happy to be dedicating ourselves to social issues such as this and we're enthusiastic to be embarking on this undoubtedly successful collaboration.


This project has been made possible by the EFRO grant ‘Kansen voor West II

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

R&D Engineer

Marcel Wijlaars

R&D Engineer

Mattia D'Alessi

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