Osteochondral research on Human Tissue

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We are proud to share a new paper that has been published on ex-vivo culturing of human bone and cartilage tissue. The experiments show just how life-like our osteochondral platform is. At LifeTec we believe it's incredibly important to bridge the gap between bench studies and animal studies or clinical trials and for that we develop ex-vivo models such as the Osteochondral Platform. Strong scientific research is essential in making these ex-vivo models as good as they can be.

The Platform

LifeTec Group's Osteochondral Platform is designed to do exactly that: bridge the gap between bench and in-vivo by creating a realistic but controlled environment for ex-vivo samples to be cultured in. By using explants that contain both bone and cartilage and allowing a separate environment for these two different tissues with tissue-specific culturing media, the environment of these tissues in the knee is mimicked. This results in a more realistic behavior of the cartilage and enbles a longer culture time when compared to traditional petri-dish or well plate culture.


  • A plug of bone covered by cartilage tissue
  • An osteochondral plug to be mounted in the bioreactor
  • The osteochondral platform ready for culturing experiments

The Study

In a collaboration between the Eindhoven University of Technology and LifeTec Group, a study was set up to observe the changes in biochemical content of osteochondral explants in the Osteochondral Platform. In this study explants were taken from human knees with varying levels of osteoarthritis and cultured for up to four weeks.

Biochemical analysis and histology showed that the composition of the extracellular matrix stayed intact over the course of the culture. Cells remained metabolically active throughout the four weeks as well. In summary, this showed that also human explants can be kept in this platform and that the grade of osteoarthritis is maintained. This makes the Osteochondral Platform a great tool in investigating potential solutions to different severities of osteoarthritis.

The published article:

The full paper can be found here (link)

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