Complex Molecular Systems
ICMS Industrial Challenge

The ICMS Industrial Challenge presents an opportunity to explore creative solutions and to collaborate with companies. 

IIC 2019 is an elective course for students at TU/e, where they are guided by postdoctoral researchers and TU/e staff.

The aim of the ICMS Challenge is to connect creative minds in science and industry, bringing a new scientific perspective to industrial problems.

Outreach Symposium

At the 2019 ICMS Outreach Symposium the ICMS Industrial Challenge 2019 was kicked off. Industrial parties pitched their research challenges to students, to motivate them towards out-of-the box scientific thinking and solutions with potential industrial impact.

LifeTec Group is always striving to innovate its existing platforms and come up with new ones that can close the gap between in-vitro and in-vivo.

The two biomedical challenges presented go exactly in this direction. For LifeTec Group, Bart Smeets and Mattia D’Alessi were present to pitch two challenges.

Mattia D'Alessi: "keep a kidney alive"

The first one is focused on starting the development of a new platform where we keep a kidney alive with a healthy performance comparable to the one of acute animal studies. Such a platform could be used in pre-clinical research or in training, similarly to our Physioheart™ or BioLiver Platform. 

Dave Wanders: "making the two sides of the heart work together"

The second challenge invites the student to work on an existing platform, the Cardiac BioSimulator Platform.

"We would like to improve this platform by making the two sides of the heart work together, most importantly in a physiological way, so that any change in one side of the heart is reflected on the other. This will allow us to provide a platform for research and training that is even more similar to a beating heart." - Dave Wanders -

Please do not hesitate to contact Mattia, Dave or Bart if you require any further information:

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