Alicia, who was born and raised in Berlin, recently joined our team at LifeTec Group as an R&D engineer. She started her academic career by studying art history at the Technische Universität Berlin, a study that seemed the perfect opportunity for her to increase her broader knowledge. Although she did this successfully, Alicia started to miss science and therefore switched studies within the same university; biotechnology would be the next challenge. Since she has a great passion for both medical technology and engineering, biotechnology appeared to be the perfect study for Alicia. Alicia obtained both her bachelors and master’s degree within the department of biotechnology during which she obtained significant knowledge and experience on various topics, with a main focus on 3D-bioprinting, especially during several internships. She discovered that having a certain amount of freedom within a project is something that perfectly suits her. "I really enjoy being able to make my own decisions when working on a project, as this gives me the perfect opportunity to be creative", she says.


Search for "the perfect job"

During her studies Alicia visited several companies, both smaller and bigger ones, reaching from Europe to Africa. After having experienced working with different cultures and increasing her skills on working independently, Alicia performed her master thesis at Merck KGaA in Germany, and subequently she decided to stay in the industrial environment. However, the academic skills and knowledge built up during her studies also triggered her to not completely step out of the academic world but rather try to combine industry and academics, which is where her search for a PhD position within a company started. Additionally, this combination would also give Alicia the perfect opportunity to go abroad again. Although her search for the perfect position was not easy, the SINERGIA project directly caught her attention.


SINERGIA (Advanced technologieS for drug dIscovery and precisioN mEdicine: in vitRo modellinG human physiology and diseAse) is a project that aims to provide breakthrough strategies for the implementation of new in vitro preclinical platforms in terms of innovative technologies, biological models and drug screening approaches in the effort of bridging the gap between current, simplistic in vitro cultures and faithful and effective future physiological models. The EU-funded SINERGIA project (  is a collaboration between different multi-disciplinary institutes, which sounded exactly like what Alicia was looking for: different research institutes, meeting experts worldwide, intercultural exchange, travelling, summer schools, training and basically the opportunity to learn as much as you want to. LifeTec Group, which is one of the companies involved in SINERGIA was the most interesting option for Alicia because of the holistic approach of LifeTec, but also because of the fact that her part of the project would focus specifically on the liver, where Alicia already has quite some experience.

Open-minded culture

At LifeTec Group, Alicia hopes to experience an open-minded culture matching her own mindset. Luckily, already during her first interview at LifeTec Group these expectations became true and Alicia directly started to feel at home within the company. "I still remember the warm and enthusiastic welcome I got when stepping into the LifeTec office for the first time", she mentions about her first job interview at LifeTec. Alicia brings a lot of complementary knowledge into the company, while also her enthusiasm, curiosity, and her ability to learn new things will definitely make her a valuable addition to the team. She really likes the ‘celebrate success’-mindset of LifeTec and therefore cannot wait to get started on her own journey to success within the company!

Alicia's contact details:

R&D Engineer
Alicia Ruppelt
Call at +31 40 2989393 or e-mail us

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No 860715.


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