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Introducing: Bart Smeets

It’s his first full- time job, and it’s the job of his dreams: Bart Smeets (25) recently became an R&D engineer at LifeTec Group. He could not be prouder.

“I go to work every day feeling full of energy.” 

Bart was born in Meijel (NL) and graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology. It was a big step for him to leave his student days behind, but now he feels really psyched about his professional life.

"I'm more of a team player"

First he studied Biometrics in Heerlen, then he did a Master in Biomedical Engineering at Eindhoven, majoring in Cardiovascular Biomechanics. Next he was offered a PhD position there, but he decided to decline. “Of course I thought about it long and hard, but I’m more of a team player. Besides, the opportunity I got at LifeTec Group was one I just couldn’t pass up on.”

"South-American background noises"

Bart’s job interview will probably be a running gag for quite a while yet at LifeTec Group. After his graduation, Bart left the cold Dutch weather behind and went travelling in sunny South-America. “Halfway through my trip I got a tip about an opening at LifeTec Group. I did my job interview on Skype, from Peru, in my shorts.” Despite the strange South-American background noises, Bart emerged as the best candidate for the job. Since December 2017 his official job title is R&D engineer for LifeTec Group. 

Bart assists his colleagues Sjoerd and Dave at the lab. His main job is to keep the platforms ‘going’. “I have to know how all the various platforms work, and I also maintain the client contacts. My work is really varied and that’s a big plus for me. Every day is different. Some days I’m at a trade fair, other days I’m at the lab, and I also go to the slaughterhouse now and then to retrieve animal hearts.”

[ ∧ Video: Bart Smeets at work at the Mitral Valve Meeting in Zürich, February 2018 ]

LifeTec Group - Bart Smeets
"Never stop learning"

He loves putting into practise the knowledge he acquired over the past few years.

It feels good to add some extra value. I don’t just apply my existing knowledge, I also learn new things all the time, mostly practical skills. Never stop learning: that has a lot of appeal for me.”


[ Photo: Bart Smeets at work in the LifeTec Group lab, assisting Sjoerd van Tuijl ]

Bart's contact details:

R&D Engineer
Bart Smeets
Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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