"I like being in touch with the experts, to brainstorm, learn and subsequently bundle knowledge and apply it to improve and bring our platforms and services to a higher level"


From the first moment of entering LifeTec Group and talking to everyone, it felt like home”. Home means a lot to Bertus van de Wetering, who grew up in Sint-Oedenrode, which is a beautiful small village right next to Eindhoven. Even though he went to high school in a different village and studied in Eindhoven, he always lived in his hometown. ”I learned so many things there, which would never be possible in a big city, and it helps me lot in life and at work.” Bertus knows where he wants to go in life, and he says: “If you work hard everything will turn out great!

He finished his Master studies of Biomedical engineering in 2019 at the Eindhoven University of Technology with the focus on orthopedic biomechanics. From the beginning Bertus had his studies planned and focused on the last internship, with the goal to find the right company for his first job. "To be honest: the plan worked out perfectly!"

Internship at LifeTec

During his internship at LifeTec Group at the end of his studies, Bertus worked on the osteochondral platform, researching the mechanical loading conditions on cartilage segments. From the beginning he noticed that he liked working within a smaller company, especially LifeTec Group, because: “it’s possible to learn how a company runs and you get insights into all important parts of the company”. Also, he says: “Having lunch with your CEO at the same table is quite unique and feels very much like family. I liked the company a lot and apparently they also liked me”. Therefore, when Bertus was offered a job opportunity he decided to stay after he finished his studies and became an R&D engineer at LifeTec Group. He impresses with his work, but also with his great sense of humor and his Dutch “gezelligheid”.

Expanding interest

After the internship with the osteochondral platform, Bertus expanded his interests in other platforms. Currently he is mainly focused on the cardiac platforms, as a CBS operator but he also works with the PhysioHeart™. Additionally, he is involved in the development of newer platforms and internal R&D projects and therefore, he can always help out if needed. That is actually something which is also really special for him about LifeTec Group, and maybe one of the reasons why he fits so well into the company. “You can always walk into every office and ask any question you want. It is a very open-minded atmosphere with very short lines between all employees”. This gives him energy to work. Also, he says: “At LifeTec Group everyone’s opinion matters and is respected. You are part of the family that gives important input.

Connecting scientific information with practical applications in the lab is Bertus‘ aim in research which he can fulfil at LifeTec Group. "I like being in touch with the experts, to brainstorm, learn and subsequently bundle knowledge and apply it to improve and bring our platforms and services to a higher level.

Bertus' contact details:

R&D Engineer
Bertus van de Wetering
Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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