"Cardiac surgeons can use this software to make a well-founded decision when choosing between placing a stent and performing a bypass surgery."

Introducing: Bettine van Willigen

LifeTec Group is always in motion, constantly looking for new innovations that may contribute to a better world.

Bettine van Willigen (26) joined LifeTec Group recently as Junior R&D Engineer after having worked in the States for nine months.

Just like her colleague Tim, she is in the PDEng programme: Professional Doctorate in Engineering, combining her job with her studies at TU/e. 

Master in Biomedical Engineering

Bettine studied at TU/e and did a Master in Biomedical Engineering.

When she got her degree in the summer of 2017, she decided to get some work experience in the States and joined Heartflow Inc., a biomedical technology firm.

She worked in San Francisco for nine months, focusing on virtual 3D animations based on CT scans.

She now uses the experience she gained there for her research at LifeTec Group. 

Application for Cardiac Surgeons

Together with her colleague Tim, Bettine is developing a cardiology application for LifeTec Group. Cardiac surgeons can use this software to make a well-founded decision when choosing between placing a stent and performing a bypass surgery..

Courtesy: Dr. S. Venkatesan MD | https://drsvenkatesan.com

The starting point for that decision is the patient’s angiogram.

The scan, standard procedure for all cardiac patients, is loaded into the application to visualize virtually the coronary arteries in 3D to compute flow and pressure.

The mathematical models do already exist, but they are not used in clinical practice. The adaptations they made to these models and their own developed interface will make this application operable by clinicians.

Bettine: “For the development of this application we work closely together with a cardiologist from Catharina Hospital.”

"the perfect combination of theory and practice"

It was a conscious decision on Bettine’s part to make this career move to LifeTec Group.

"I wanted to dive deep in one subject and to gain experience in developing a product. This PDEng is the perfect combination between theory and practice."

Bettine van Willigen
"so inspiring to see"

So Bettine is clearly in the right place at LifeTec Group.

“It’s a young, small, research-minded company.”

She has felt welcome from the very first day.

“I met everyone on my first day here. It’s so inspiring to see what my colleagues are working on. It gives me a lot of energy.”

Bettine's contact details:

Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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