Elke van Soest (33) is LifeTec Group’s latest addition. Our new R&D technician has only been here a few weeks, but already she feels like a fish in water. ‘This is my dream job.’ 

LifeTec Group | Introducing Elke van Soest

Inquisitive. That’s how Elke prefers to describe herself. ‘I want to absorb new information as fast as possible.’ And she does it well.

Even in the few weeks since she started working for LifeTec Group, Elke has proven herself to be a valuable addition to the team. Maybe that’s partly because her graduation project focused on the heart.

‘I studied Clinical Chemistry at Summa College, then went on to Fontys University of Applied Sciences to do mechanical engineering. I did my graduation project at Catharina Hospital: together with a fellow student I developed a silicone heart that serves as a training object for junior doctors, to practise stitching.’

'I felt that itch again'

After her graduation in 2007, Elke went to work as a mechanical engineer and later as a process engineer for Artemis Systems, a company that filters water through reverse osmosis. In 2012 she signed on with Charles River Laboratories, a contract research organisation. 'I worked at the eco-toxicology department as an analyst. I was very happy there and not necessarily looking for a new job. But then I saw this vacancy, and I felt that itch again.’ 

LifeTec Group | Introducing Elke van Soest
'I love being able to work with real hearts now'

Elke soon became a popular colleague. 'I make sure the lab is in order and I assist my colleagues, for example when they prepare hearts for the Cardiac Biosimulator Platformwebpage | video ) I love being able to work with real hearts now.’ 

She always comes into work with a big smile. 'It's really meaningful work. I feel I can truly assist my colleagues and make their tasks easier. And the atmosphere here is very pleasant too. We all know and help each other.'

[ < Elke learning from a 'beating heart' experiment at the LifeTec Group Lab in Eindhoven -NL- ]

The next challenge is already round the corner. 'I will soon be travelling abroad for work for the first time.'   

[October 2017: Elke at work at the 31st EACTS annual meeting in Vienna -Aus-]

  • LifeTec Group | Elke van Soest at work in Vienna
    LifeTec Group | Elke van Soest at work in Vienna
    LifeTec Group | Elke van Soest at work in Vienna
  • LifeTec Group | Elke van Soest at work in Vienna
    LifeTec Group | Elke van Soest at work in Vienna
    LifeTec Group | Elke van Soest at work in Vienna

'I would love to speak to and help clients'

It is Elke's ambition to further develop her skills and knowledge in the period to come. 'I would love to speak to clients myself and help them where necessary. Since everything here is so carefully documented, I can read up on things fast and thoroughly. My inquisitive nature is a good asset here.' 

'a valuable addition to our team!'

Linda Kock, her coach, is as enthusiastic as Elke herself. 'We are very pleased with Elke. She’s curious, picks things up really quickly, and has the courage to take initiatives. In short: a valuable addition to our team!’ 

Elke's contact details:

R&D engineer
Elke van Soest
Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us


We're all very pleased to have you with us Elke. It's great to see how quickly you learn but particularly how fast your contribution is felt. Very promising!

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