‘The aim is for my research to provide more insight into how diseases originate and develop, and how tissue reacts to regenerative drugs.’  

Introducing: Martina Puricelli

At LifeTec Group professionals from many countries work together. Early stage researcher Martina Puricelli (26) is one of them.

Italian Martina deliberately opted for a career abroad. ‘Here I can fulfil my ambitions.’  

Martina grew up in the village of Gallarate, a stone's throw from Milan.

There, in the second-biggest city of Italy, she entered university in 2011. ‘I studied biomedical engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, specialising in cells, tissue and biotechnology research in regenerative medicine.’ She graduated in the summer of 2017.

‘When I finished I went to Singapore to gain some work experience.’ Why did you travel so far afield? ‘Other countries and different cultures have always appealed to me.'  After six months she returned to Italy with a backpack full of knowledge and experience. ‘I then joined the RAMSES laboratory of the Instituto Ortopedico Rizzoli in Bologna, a leading institute with a strong international reputation. It was a great opportunity for me.’

Introducing: Martine Puricelli

However, it wasn't long before Martina realised that she could not realise her great ambitions there.

‘There simply wasn't enough money for research. Also, young researchers were not given the opportunity to bring in their own ideas. That is just how the hierarchy worked there.’

After several months she took a drastic decision. ‘I resigned and started looking for another job.’ 


Through the vacancy platform Euraxess Martina eventually came into contact with LifeTec Group. ‘When I read the vacancy I knew immediately that it was right for me. I would be able to put my knowledge and experience into practice, but also learn a great deal.’

After her first Skype meeting with Linda Kock of LifeTec Group her enthusiasm only grew further. ‘I knew then I would be moving to Eindhoven.’  

What was it that tipped the scales? ‘There was an immediate click. Both in personal terms and with the company itself. It is just great, there are so many things happening in the lab.’  

Introducing: Martina Puricelli
Introducing: Martina Puricelli

Martina has been with LifeTec Group as an early stage researcher for several months now. She is currently working on the Carbon project. 

‘It is my job to make tissue “ill” in a controlled way. I do that either with mechanical or chemical methods.’ 

For this Martina uses the osteochondral platform developed by Lifetec Group. ‘The aim is for my research to provide more insight into how diseases originate and develop, and how tissue reacts to regenerative drugs.’  



Linda, who is Martina's fixed point of contact at Lifetec Group, relates that she has quickly found her feet. ‘She is very dedicated and passionate, she works hard and she is popular with the team. That's the way we like it.’  

Martina concurs. ‘What I have found most striking and what I appreciate most is that everybody is equal here. There is hardly any hierarchy at all. I love this open attitude. You can always go to one of your colleagues if you have questions or ideas. And because all the people here are very clever, there are always creative ideas bubbling up. It is really inspiring.’  

Martina's contact details:

R&D Engineer
Martina Puricelli
Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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