Introducing: Naudia Singh

Where would a fast-growing company like LifeTec Group be without an uber-quick, meticulous tower of strength in the admin?

LifeTec Group - Naudia Singh
Financial Affairs

Naudia Singh (41) started her new job at LifeTec Group last March.

As Financial Administrator she looks after the Group’s financial affairs, together with Financial Controller Pim Dusèe.

She feels it’s an honour to work for such an exceptional company. 

From Guyana, South America to Amsterdam to Eindhoven

Naudia was born in Guyana, South America and moved to Eindhoven when she was still a little girl. She studied Business Economics, got married and went to live in Amsterdam. She worked for several companies there, among them an accountant’s firm and a big consultancy. But in the end she returned to ‘her’ Eindhoven with her husband and child. 

LifeTec Group - Naudia Singh

“For me the connecting thread in my job is working together with my colleagues. Personal contact is really important to me,” says Naudia. “Fortunately, that click with the LifeTec colleagues has been there from the very first moment.”

Is that the only reason she wanted this job at LifeTec Group?

“No, definitely not. I also think it’s fantastic to work for such an innovative, progressive company. You can do my kind of work in practically any business, but it’s really awesome to work in a place where so many special things happen every day. It doesn’t get much more innovative than this.”

Naudia's contact details:

Financial Administrator
Naudia Singh
Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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