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Join us from a distance

We are very happy to announce that from now on it will be possible to have an interactive presence during experiments in our laboratory from your own facilities. We have installed a camera system in our lab that can take part in an online meeting environment and allows us to communicate with each other. With picture-in-picture capabilities, we can share any of our displays with your team over the internet so you will have all same information as if you were physically present in our lab.

Besides the camera that shows our team members as well as the experiment that is running, we can share our endoscopic camera views for example from inside a heart, as well as the displays of an ultrasound machine and the data acquisition system that records pressures and flows or any other signal that would be required by specific experimental protocols. Furthermore, any user has the possibility to share annotations in the live video feed to target specific locations and enhance the discussion.

Simulated cardiac trans-septal puncture in the Cardiac BioSimulator platform

To showcase our virtual presence capabilities, a video recording demonstrates a trans-septal catheter intervention of the mitral valve from the inferior vena cava. Our team in the lab executes this intervention on a heart in LifeTec Group's Cardiac BioSimulator Platform, while a remote visitor is present and interacts with the experimental team from a remote location. Of course, the virtual presence is available to all platforms in our lab.

Expand the impact of your LifeTec Group experience

Save time and travel expenses

The possibility to remotely interact with the team in our lab during a study can greatly expand the impact of the experience. It can minimize the number of people that need to be physically present in the laboratory, while other members of your team can join and interact during the study at the relevant time. This will save precious travel time of senior staff as well as the associated travel expenses.

Specifically during the restrictions on travel and social distancing that the world is facing today, the virtual presence also enables studies to be conducted which otherwise would have to be delayed. When our engineers can be instructed on the use of your device technology, our team can execute the study under your remote guidance.

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