LifeTec Group Quarterly Report; Q1, 2018

If the first quarter of 2018 is an indication for the other three to come, we are in for quite a year!

LifeTec Group - Cardiac Cooling

'Cardiac Cooling'

At LifeTec Group the year started with ‘Cardiac Cooling’, the presentation of the study results and the thesis with which Luuk Otterspoor obtained his PhD, on 10 January. 

The collaboration of Catharina Ziekenhuis, Eindhoven University of Technology and LifeTec Group produced a breakthrough: fast and targeted cooling of the human heart immediately after an infarction limits the damage and boosts recovery. 


LifeTec Group Quarterly Report; Q1, 2018

‘Early stage researchers’

At the end of January our early stage researchers were given centre stage: Melanie, who works on the Biogel project; Noemi, who works on Musicare; and Benjamin, who works on VPH-Case. They are all young, talented researchers who work their butts off to contribute to the relevant developments in people’s health. We are very happy with their commitment and their contributions, and with being their stepping stone!


‘Close to real surgery simulator’

In February, LifeTec Group - as Gold Sponsor - supported Professor Maisano’s Mitral Valve Meeting in Zürich.

We were pleased and honoured that Dr. Chitwood was prepared to travel from the US to Zürich in order to present his evaluation of the ‘Cardiac Biosimulator Platform’ to an international audience of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, scientists and researchers. 


‘Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)’

Never a dull moment, as the saying goes, and it was certainly the case for us. In March we shared the news, and the scientific paper, on ‘Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)’ with you. 

One procedure for diagnosis as well as therapy, and a long-awaited insight in the solution to the problem that causes some twins to show prenatal growth discrepancies when they share the same supply of building materials but distribute them unevenly.

LUMC, TU Delft, AMC and LifeTec Group worked closely together to better understand and predict the outcome of these delicate procedures. LifeTec Group supported the ex-vivo placenta studies, among other things.


LifeTec Group - CompBioMed


‘A Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine’: this is the subtitle with which CompBioMed, an R&D consortium, presents itself. LifeTec Group joined this project quite some time ago, and this year our role became much more tangible:

In March, Tim van den Boom and Bettine van Willigen joined the ranks at LifeTec Group. Their research and development project focuses on computational modelling, and more specifically on a tool for medical specialists: 

When planning surgical intervention for coronary stenoses, clinicians do not use the well-established models that describe the hemodynamics of blood, since these models are not designed for daily clinical use.

Tim and Bettine's goal is to develop an application that is accessible for clinicians to support coronary intervention planning. Such application that simulates the coronary blood flow and pressure for each patient, could help answer questions such as: ‘Will a stent or bypass be better for this specific patient?’ and ‘where should it be placed exactly?’.

For more information please contact LifeTec Group's Head of Medtech Innovation Marco Stijnen.

‘Scientific 3D Animations’

In March 2018, synchronous with the developments within CompBioMed, LifeTec Group launched ‘Scientific 3D Animations’:

It’s a network organisation initiated by LifeTec Group that designs and creates made-to-measure 3D animations, to go with any project desired. 

For European research consortiums, dissemination is a prerequisite. It’s often a challenge for scientists, knowledge institutes, medtech start-ups and manufacturers of medical devices to explain to their stakeholders which problems they propose to tackle, and how. 

LifeTec Group knows from personal experience that meetings with for example 'money providers' run much more smoothly if the conversation is based on crystal-clear and appealing information. 

"We already offered advice and support with our Acceleration division, and now we also offer communication services".



'Medtech business'

"We experience more than ever the value of our assets. Our strong network in MedTech research, development, assessment and business being one of them. Regarding the latter LifeTec Group’s Acceleration division is being called in by our relations for support in business movement and growth. Without sharing any sensitive information we can give you a quick glance behind the scenes:

We are currently investigating the options for a business relation to expand business in different markets. LifeTec Group takes advantage of its network, knowledge and experience in the field to serve its relations in mapping out and seizing the opportunities. 

The market has confidence in our integrity and approach. This is demonstrated for example in another organization who approached us with the reverse question: mapping out their options for divesting a business division. Sadly it’s in a different medical area than the other business relation is interested in… If we could match supply and demand that straightforward, it would almost be too easy.”

Jurgen de Hart - CEO


In the meantime our colleagues have been to Mannheim for the 84th Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society; others have been to Dublin and to the US… But we’ll save that for another time and another update. 


Jurgen de Hart

Head of Research & Training

Linda Kock

R&D Engineer

Benjamin Kappler

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

Senior Research Engineer

Sjoerd van Tuijl

R&D Engineer

Noemi Vanerio

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