On February 5-7 LifeTec Group was present at the Mitral Valve Meeting in Zürich. We actively supported the event with workshops, presentations in the ‘innovation breaking news session’ and of course on the exhibition floor. 

Nicky (de Jonge), Janneke (Cuijpers), Sjoerd (van Tuijl), Marco (Stijnen) and Jurgen (de Hart) look back on a wonderful and inspiring event ánd share their 'adventures':

LifeTec Group's Nicky de Jonge took this picture while running at the Zürich riverside in the very early morning.
Nicky de Jonge

I really enjoyed the past few days at the Mitral Valve Meeting in Zürich! We worked long hours, but it was so energizing to see everybody’s enthusiastic and astonished reactions to our system. It made me realize how unique our products really are, and also that there’s only a few simulators available but not at our level.

I managed to see a little bit of Zürich itself by going running for half an hour early in the morning, outside the conference hall and restaurant. It’s a beautiful place and the riverside walks are great for running. 

Marco Stijnen

It was terrific to see the enthusiasm of our clinical audience and discover how realistic they thought our passive heart platform is. It tells me that we’re front runners in this area. The interaction with other exhibitors was fantastic too: we were able to work together to demonstrate a hands-on implantation in our platform to the audience.

We also got to make beautiful images using a new 3D ultrasound machine. People were so fired up about this that they even went to get equipment from the hospital to make it happen! It gave us a lot of new ideas for organizing demos and trainings together with these companies in the future. 

The LifeTec Group team in de Mitral Valve Meeting 'booth' in Zürich
Jurgen de Hart

My great thanks to the team for all the hard work in making this event successful. The enthusiasm received for our training platforms is encouraging and confirms we’re on the right track.

It’s been a pleasure to catch up with our friends from all over the world and enjoy the fine cuisine Switzerland offers. New connections have been made and new business has been initiated.

Let’s continue this journey together!

A 'qoute' from one of our respected guests:

Dr. Michael Borger (Columbia NewYork-Presbyterian) who has worked with the 'Passive Heart' bio-simulator before shares his experience:


Jurgen de Hart

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

Senior Research Engineer

Sjoerd van Tuijl

Office Manager

Janneke Cuijpers

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