Noemi Vanerio and Linda Kock look back on: ATTICC 2018 in Venice (It)

On September 11th and 12th on the beautiful Island of San Servolo (Venice, Italy), LifeTec Group’s Noemi Vanerio and Linda Kock presented at the brand new ATTICC Conference 2018 (link), focused on Advanced Techniques and Therapies in Cardiovascular Care.

MUSICARE project

Key opinion leaders in the field, researchers from MUSICARE project, PhD and Post-Doc students met each other to discuss on three major research areas in cardiac care:

  • Minimally invasive heart surgery and percutaneous valve therapies
  • Image based patient specific cardiac modeling
  • In vitro and in silico tissue models

'interaction between academia, industry and clinics'

The interaction between academia, industry and clinics is the strength point of the ATTICC Conference which is also the final meeting of the MUSICARE project.

The entire MUSICARE consortium was built some years ago exactly with this important aim in mind, to connect and valorize the interplay between engineers, medical doctors, researchers and patients.

ATTICC 2018 - Program
Predictive models, heart-on-a-chip, pre-operative planning, alternatives to animal models, personalized solutions

Predictive models, heart-on-a-chip, pre-operative planning, alternatives to animal models, personalized solutions.

These are just few words taken from the conference program ( link ) from which is clear the importance of innovation and focus on the patient that mark the conference meaning as well as LifeTec Group’s vision.

Noemi Vanerio in front of her poster in Chicago (USA)
Noemi Vanerio

“Ex vivo patho-physiological blood vessel models for cardiovascular device testing” was the topic of the podium presentation which Noemi Vanerio gave.

She presented her research developments and latest outcomes in designing a vascular bioreactor platform to be used in the assessment of innovative therapies.

In particular this time, her talk was focused on the functionality of blood vessels and the use of novel imaging techniques in the platform.

Linda Kock explaining in the LifeTec Group lab
Linda Kock

Not only LifeTec Group’s Vascular Bioreactor platform and its applications will be discussed, but also the Cardiac Biosimulator and the PhysioHeart Platforms have been presented in a talk given by Linda Kock.


“I am really looking forward to presenting in such a new conference, meeting again the other MUSICARE ESRs and knowing more about their achievements. I think that in the last 3 years we worked nicely together building interesting research projects but also nice relationships.” Noemi says

Head of Research & Training

Linda Kock

Relevant links and background information:


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  • LifeTec Group Physioheart Platform [link]

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