Looking back to Barcelona

It was a great pleasure to be out and about again! Although it was still quiet in the city of Barcelona, it was nice to be able to travel, meet face to face with people and enjoy a nice location. For the LifeTec Team present in Barcelona, it was the first time in quite a while that we were physically present on a conference, and for sure the EACTS conference is a good event and audience in which we could demonstrate our capabilities. We brought our Cardiac BioSimulator amongst the cardiac surgeons to allow them a first hand taste of how this system can be very helpful to try out new device technologies.

The premiere of our compact CBS version

News on our booth!

Besides the fact that our team of Bart Smeets and Marco Stijnen were happy to be on-site, it was also the first time ever that we demonstrated our new version of the Cardiac BioSimulator on a conference! The new version has virtually the same functionality as the previous iteration, but has been redesigned to make it a lot more compact so that transportation is a lot easier. In fact, the new Cardiac BioSimulator (dubbed "tiny CBS") fits in two cases that fit in the boot of our car, which made traveling to Barcelona a lot more comfortable compared to previous outings where we needed a van to get our equipment to the destination.

Demonstrating device interventions

Hands-on interaction

The best experience we can provide to show how the Cardiac BioSimulator can benefit your (prototype) device testing or clinical training program is to actually do a cardiac intervention procedure yourself. At EACTS we had the privilige of working with two medical device companies: NeoChord and AMT Medical. NeoChord invited surgeons to our booth, where their trainers could explain NeoChord's mitral chord repair technique and the DS-1000 device. The device is used to insert new artificial mitral chordae in the heart to restore functionality of the mitral valve. LifeTec induced a prolapse of one of the valve leaflets, and subsequently the surgeons could have some hands-on action on the simulator to repair the valve using the NeoChord device.

In a similar fashion, AMT Medical is developing a sutureless coronary anastomosis clip device. LifeTec prepared the Cardiac BioSimulator such that a graft artery could be used to create a coronary bypass to the LAD. Also AMT had invited surgeons to our booth to demonstrate their intervention and provide a first hands-on interactive session to perform a bypass procedure live on our booth. All-in-all, it was great to engage with the surgeons as well as the companies involved!

What's next?

What's next, you may ask! That is a question we may answer in three different ways.

First of all: what's next for the compact version of CBS? We will continue to focus on making the CBS platform easy to transport. Even though our first public experience with the current version was very successful, we have more ideas to make it even better and more compact. The final aim is to make the system small enough to bring it along in your check-in luggage on a plane!

Secondly, "what's next" may reflect on how the platform can benefit yourself. If you are involved in a device R&D project, the Cardiac BioSimulator is a very useful tool to demonstrate the feasibility of your intervention. At first in an internal setting, but as your project progresses the CBS also provides a realistic setting in which to convince your future clinical users, or to get realistic feedback from the clinicians' experience after having provided them with their first hands-on session on a Cardiac BioSimulator. And last but not least, if you wish to engage with your target audience in a hands-on setting at a conference or event like EACTS, LifeTec Group is there to support you in setting up a close-to-real simulation or training experience. Get in touch if you wish to know more!

The third answer to what's next reflects on the next events where you may witness the Cardiac BioSimulator. On the 4th and 5th of November, we will support Cardiac Dimensions on their booth at the NVVC (Dutch Association of Cardiologists Conference) in Arnhem (NL). The next stop for the Cardiac BioSImulator is Innsbruck: LifeTec Group will once again support the Focus Valve event in the week of December 6th. We hope to see you on one of these occassions!

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

R&D Engineer

Bart Smeets

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Head of MedTech Innovation
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