Cardiology in the Garden of Roses

We're looking back at a great event at the German Cardiology Congress (DGK). Traditionally held in the congress centre next to the Rosengarten, the meeting is conveniently located in the city center of Mannheim. It was a great opportunity to meet again with many people, as the in-person attendence was very good compared to what we've become used to in the recent past. And of course, it was very nice to be working with our partners at Cardiac Dimensions; we supported their exhibition by bringing our Cardiac BioSimulator platform to their booth.

Attracting interest

Bart was on-site, running the Cardiac BioSimulator platform in the training room on the booth of Cardiac Dimensions. "It was amazing to see how the beating heart continues to attract the attention of people walking by!", said Bart. He continued: "It makes it so easy to approach visitors and initiate a conversation, when they're apparently interested in what is on display".

Bart was also pleased with our recent upgrades to the Cardiac BioSimulator platform. We've been working to reduce the size of the heart simulator, mostly focusing on the electronic hardware necessary to control the whole setup. Bart said: "The new upgrades worked perfectly throughout the entire event, both the soft- and hardware. And on top of that, we could transport the entire platform in two trolleys and some small things that fit in my backpack. We no longer need to use a van to transport everything, which makes this so nice to use."

Re-connecting with people

Also Marco joined the DGK event, of course to help Bart get the Cardiac BioSimulator ready for the exhibition, but more so to meet and re-connect with the people visiting. Marco said: "It was great to be amongst people again! There were lots of visitors that we've worked with in the past and it was so nice to be able to chat and update each other. There were quite a few exhibition booths for device companies that we've done some early work with, and surely also some new concepts for which we might play a role in the near future. And on top of that, we have seen a few new solutions that we could use to further improve our own services, which we're keen to test in the coming months."

Your presentation – as usual very well prepared and executed – attracted a lot of people where we could share our story. I got so much positive feedback about it! So, with your help, this congress was a great success for us.

Dan Hieronimus
European Marketing Manager at Cardiac Dimensions

Enjoying Mannheim

Having a great collaboration is not limited to a lab or exhibition booth. It's just as much about building a good team relationship to work well together, and in that context we had a  great experience as well! We enjoyed the nice city center of Mannheim, and had some great dinners and drinks afterwards!


Our next stop will be Innsbrück! We will be present with 2 Cardiac Bimulators at the 12th Focus Valve event: the 4-day Training Course for Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery organized by the Innsbrück hospital. If you'd like to meet us there, please get in touch!

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