Looking back on Mannheim

In the weekend of the 22nd of April, Marco, Marcel, and Nicky returned from the 83rd Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society in Mannheim where they were working for Cardiac Dimensions.

Marco is now enjoying a short vacation with his family. Marcel is back in the LifeTec Group lab and Nicky had almost no time to unpack because she travelled onward to New York City together with Sjoerd and Jurgen.

No time for Nicky to write about her experience in Mannheim, instead we asked her a couple of short questions:

LifeTec Group | Looking back on Mannheim
What is the first thing that comes to mind while thinking back at Mannheim?

Nicky de Jonge:

“That we managed to set up and run our bio-simulator without any significant problems… and that we sort of have gotten used to that.

It is only when our sponsor Cardiac Dimensions mentions that they are so impressed that everything is running so smoothly that we truly realize that we are doing something very special.”

A new sponsor and ‘a new type of hearts’. How was that?

“The collaboration with Cardiac Dimensions and the invited clinicians was so natural that it felt as if we have been working together for years. I really want to mention that the way the people from Cardiac Dimensions organized everything was phenomenal: a very well organized booth, no detail was overlooked, and a meticulous plan of action. In short, perfect!”

“Working with deer hearts was both interesting and fun! Particularly because it is a nice change from the porcine hearts we generally work with on our Passive Heart bio-simulator. The goal is to get the simulated situation as close to the real situation in which the clinician will operate. The specific procedure of Cardiac Dimensions is not aimed at repairing the mitral valve itself, but at reducing the mitral annulus dilatation to reduce the mitral regurgitation [See Cardiac Dimensions website]. The deer heart is more similar to the human heart then a porcine heart is when it comes to the mitral annulus.”

And now onwards to New York City?

“Yes for an assignment with NeoChord at the AATS Mitral Conclave. That is also very interesting and fun! And after the event, I will stay a little while longer in New York for a vacation,” Nicky answered smiling. “Now that is something I also really look forward to!”

LifeTec Group | Looking back on Mannheim
What is the first thing that comes to mind while thinking back at Mannheim?

Marcel Wijlaars:

“For me, Mannheim was the first time to experience being in the spotlights with a LifeTec Group platform. I now realize how unique the things we do are. Seeing people standing in awe [Photo] in front of the booth trying to figure our how the Passive Heart bio-simulator works and calling their friends and colleagues to come over and have a look, is inspiring."

LifeTec Group | Looking back on Mannheim

"Every heart we prepared and connected to our setup worked without any major problems. The people from Cardiac Dimensions were able to show the procedure and performance of their device many times before we had to switch to a new heart. They were able to introduce their device to every clinician they made an appointment with. Their enthusiasm about the platform was more than I ever expected."

"It feels like a kind of reward that three days after the conference, they already made pre-reservations for our passive heart bio-simulator for the next DGK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie) conference in 2018. (See website)”

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

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Marcel Wijlaars

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