LifeTec Group Cardiac Biosimulator Platform @ TCT San Francisco
LifeTec Group Cardiac Biosimulator Platform @ TCT San Francisco

A few weeks ago, our team consisting of Jurgen de Hart, Dave Wanders and Marco Stijnen were present at one of the biggest scientific and educational meetings in cardiovascular therapies: TCT in San Francisco. 

As mentioned previously, we brought one of our Cardiac Biosimulator Platforms to the exhibition floor. 

"in live action"

Many people have already heard about the Cardiac Biosimulator Platform from previous events, or have seen it online. It’s one thing to hear about it, but it’s completely different to see the platform in live action. 


It was amazing to see the enthusiastic responses of many passers-by, who immediately became interested in the platform and how it can be used.

And having the platform at the exhibition also created quite a buzz on social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter; 

Mary Ann Clark on LinkedIn
“First time I’ve seen this at TCT”

Mary Ann Clark shared her excitement with a LinkedIn post by saying “First time I’ve seen this at TCT” which had already reached more than 45k views in less than a week...

Link ]

Aside from showing just the platform in action, we had planned to open the booth to interactive sessions with the simulator. And so we did.

Aside from demonstrating a mitral valve annuloplasty using Cardiac Dimensions’ Carillon Mitral Countour system, we invited other parties present at the exhibition to try their device or intervention on the Cardiac BioSimulator:

Both Heartstitch® and CorMatrix® stepped up to the plate to demo their systems, the NobleStitchTM EL PFO Closure Device and the CorTM TRICUSPID ECM® Valve respectively, and were able to successfully perform their intervention!

Both the people involved as well as bystanders were excited to see these procedures be performed live on the Cardiac Biosimulator, but also to witness the views from inside the moving heart using endoscopic cameras during the procedures as well as the result of these implantations. 

The meeting was a great success for LifeTec Group and the Cardiac BioSimulator platform, as we’ve generated a lot of interest for future projects. We’re already contemplating to visit Miami in next year’s edition of the TCT!

Please do not hesitate to contact Marco Stijnen if you require any further information:

Phone: +31 40 298 93 93 | Email:


Jurgen de Hart

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

R&D engineer

Dave Wanders

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