Vienna International Liver Congress

In April our colleague Melanie Krüger enjoyed two inspirational days at the International Liver Congress in Vienna. The event with participants from all over the world covered topics and the latest research from every field of hepatology. 

Vienna International Liver Congress - Dr. Bart Spee giving acknowledgments to LifeTec Group and BIOGEL
Dr. Bart Spee

One of the presenters was Dr. Bart Spee, who talked about strategies for large scale expansion of adult stem cells for liver bio-engineering. He is collaborating closely with LifeTec Group and supports us in many questions concerning our liver platform. 




[photo: "Bart Spee at the end of his talk."]

Vienna International Liver Congress
BioLiver Platform

Apart from following some of these interesting sessions for example on regenerative hepatology, Melanie was able to meet with some experts to talk with them about the BioLiver platform and it’s possible applications. Amongst them were Prof. Sebastian Mueller, Prof. Valerié Vilgrain and Prof. Stuart Forbes who gave very valuable input on the usefulness of the BioLiver in different research fields such as liver biomechanics, interventional radiology and cell delivery. 

BioLiver Platform

Melanie took back a lot of ideas and connections from the congress that will help us to develop the BioLiver further and make it available for researchers who can hopefully answer a lot of their questions in a relevant model without having to do animal experiments.

a few days exploring

Of course, Vienna itself is a really beautiful city and luckily Melanie was able to enjoy a few days exploring it together with her former colleagues and friends from the Marie-Curie project BIOGEL, altogether an unforgettable time!

Vienna International Liver Congress

[photo: "On a lot of squares in Vienna Easter Markets were offering a myriad of painted Easter eggs."]

Vienna International Liver Congress

[photo: As an engineer Melanie feels entitled to be nerdy occasionally and lived it up by relishing in her love for old libraries in the beautiful Austrian National Library.]

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