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On the 8th of June the 67th annual ASAIO conference will start. ASAIO, or the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, and its members have contributed to important medical devices used to treat patients today for renal (dialysis), cardiac (ventricular assist devices), pulmonary (ECMO and respiratory assist), hepatic (liver assist), pancreatic (artificial pancreas) and neurologic (brain-motor prostheses) applications. This year, they host their conference in Chicago at the Hilton Hotel, right next to Grant Park, on the other side of which lies Lake Michigan. LifeTec Group will also be present, with both Alicia and Marco visiting and presenting at the conference!


LifeTec Group Technologies

LifeTec Group develops and provides state-of-the-art lifelike ex vivo environments that can be incredibly helpful in both assessing new medical devices as well as training future users in their best application. These technologies are of course under constant development to create ever more realistic and relevant models. During our research, we learn many new and interesting things, some of which we get to share here with everyone present at the conference. During our visit, we will focus on two topics: lessons learned from our research on the Bioliver Platform and an upgrade to our Cardiac Biosimulator. Both of these topics will be discussed during poster presentation given by Alicia and Marco!

Bioliver Platform

The BioLiver is a living, functional, and metabolically active ex-vivo liver which is highly perfused with oxygen and nutrient rich blood with physiological flows and pressures, making it a great platform to assess acute effects of hepatic devices and therapies. However, in our efforts to increase the time we can keep the liver alive and functional outside of the body, we've learned many new things. During the poster session, Alicia will share what we've done, what we were able to achieve and the lessons learned so far during our research.

Cardiac BioSimulator Upgrade

The Cardiac BioSimulator is a heart platform in which relevant flow and pressure conditions can be simulated in a real heart. This makes it the perfect platform for training device implantations and other cardiologic interventions, as well as clinical imaging. The upgrade to this platform is a contration model of the heart, which allows the system to react in the same way a living heart would, by responding to changes in the pressures and flows that the heart is subjected to. This way both the effects of a treatments and the procedure during the treatment itself can be even more accurately assessed, by providing a real-time response of the heart contractility and heart rate during the experiment. In this poster presentation, Marco will share more on what this brings and what our first findings are. 

If you want to learn more about either of these, or any of our other platforms, make sure to swing by if you're also at ASAIO. If you're not there but would still like to know more about how we could support you in your project, don't hesitate to reach out!

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Head of MedTech Innovation
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