88th DGK meeting!

From April 20th onwards, the 88th edition of the annual congress of the Deutsche Gesellshaft für Kardiologie (German Society of Cardiology) will be held in the city of Mannheim. In the congress centre located in the beautiful Rosengarten area, one of the biggest cardiology meetings in Germany takes place where all the latest clinical findings on cardiological interventions will be presented. In the exhibition area, LifeTec Group will support the Cardiac Dimensions team with a hands-on demonstration of their Carillon mitral annular cinching device.

Hands-on workshop

Cardiac Dimensions will once again be present as an exhibitor, where they will present a hands-on workshop on how the Carillon device reduces the orifice area of the mitral valve in a special training room on their booth. LifeTec Group's Bart and Marco will bring a Cardiac BioSimulator to this event, where the Carillon system is implanted in an actual heart in which the mitral valve opening has been enlarged to simulate a disease state. The Carillon device can subsequently reduct the annulus of the valve, and as a result the valve will become fully functional again! Endoscopic camera visualization of the valve will demonstrate how well the procedure went in this simulation.

Cardiac BioSimulator

The Cardiac BioSimulator is a heart platform in which relevant flow and pressure conditions can be simulated in a real heart. This makes it the perfect platform for training device implantations and other cardiologic interventions, as well as clinical imaging. This year we bring a smaller version of the Cardiac BioSimulator to the DGK event, which is an evolution of what you may have seen before. Without loosing functionality, the more compact Cardiac BioSimulator is easier to transport and this makes it even more suitable for on-site workshops, R&D studies and training events.

Make sure to reserve your timeslot if you're interested in a Carillon implantation workshop at the Cardiac Dimensions booth, or reach out to Marco if you're interested in how the Cardiac BioSimulator could support your own project!

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Head of MedTech Innovation

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