The annual Innovation Summit Dublin is recognized as the leading medical technology investment forum in Europe and brings together more than 450 leading experts, innovators, and key decision makers to discuss the critical challenges facing the ever-evolving global medtech community.

Medical Technology Investment, Leading Experts, Innovators and key decision makers will all get together in one location on April 9 through 11. LifeTec Group feels right at home in this setting, so our CEO, Dr. Jurgen de Hart, will definitely make an appearance in Dublin.

Turning good ideas into great medical solutions

Turning good ideas into great medical solutions

Turning good ideas into great medical solutions is more than just a tagline. It’s about helping medtech ideas and their owners develop, using a pragmatic approach, and with one crystal-clear goal in mind: helping patients. That is what motivates LifeTec Group, that is the why and how of its existence. Being ‘helpful by nature’, combined with lots of knowledge, experience, expertise, and true craftsmanship, does the rest.

Helping your fellow researcher starts with understanding the person and the job, and understanding their particular challenges:

“The path to results often requires a pragmatic approach. At the same time LifeTec Group is aware of the issues leading up to your R&D plan, and supportive in all relevant elements during and after the development stage, for example certification, product acceptance, capital access and physicians’ training.”

This brings us to two of the cornerstones of our company:

Preclinical Contract Research

Preclinical Contract Research

Devoted to Answering Your Research and Development Questions 

• A pragmatic approach to develop and establish value for your technology or therapy 

• High fidelity, test-animal free research, and assessment platforms for efficient and cost-effective development 

• Transparency of functional performance and safety performance delivering convincing data 

Cardiac Biosimulator Platform

Tech & Training

Advancing Research, Development and Training 

• R&D and training platforms, customized to your specific needs 

• De-risking clinical application, higher success rates 

• Steep learning curves for physicians for successful implementation, increasing clinical acceptance 

(The Dublin edition of the MedTech Strategist carries a LifeTec Group advert. Click here to download this ‘ prompt’:)

Spider in the web

LifeTec Group is sometimes called ‘Spider in the web’ thanks to the name and reputation the company enjoys in preclinical research and development. LifeTec Group works for quite a few big, well-known medtech firms as well as for a lot of small starting businesses.

In addition, LifeTec Group is proud to have as its partners Key Opinion Leaders, technical universities, academic medical centres, some of the best clinical hospitals and several international research consortiums. When you consider the important role played by LifeTec Group in the acquisition of CE markings, obtaining clinical acceptance and the way the company acts as an ‘icebreaker’ between medtech innovators and money providers, you get an idea of where that proverbial spider in the web came from. 

Jurgen de Hart


For CEO Jurgen de Hart, Dublin will be an excellent opportunity to meet ‘old acquaintances’, establish new contacts, and gather fresh input regarding the medtech industry in general and the “opportunities and challenges facing the global medical device industry” in particular.

If you’d like to schedule a meeting with Jurgen de Hart, please contact:

Office Manager
Janneke Cuijpers
Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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