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On the 20th of June, the 70th annual ESCVS congress will begin. Organised by the European Society for CardioVascular Surgery, the focus will be on epidemiology and pathophysiology of cardiac and vascular diseases, as well as their medical management. This gives the visitors a chance to explore today’s relevant topics as well as the state of the art treatment options. This year the congress is hosted in Liège, at the stunning Théâtre de Liège. LifeTec Group will have a presence there as well, with Davy visiting the congress on Tuesday, supporting AMT Medical in a training workshop with their ELANA Heart Bypass system

ELANA Heart Bypass

Those closely following our newsitems will remember that we are supporting AMT with training users in the use of their new product. AMT has developed the ELANA Heart Bypass system, that makes it possible to place a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) in a minimally invasive manner without any suturing required. This laser assisted procedure can be performed on a beating heart, without opening the ribcage, no heart-lung machine needed! 

The New Cardiac BioSimulator

Previously, our Cardiac Biosimulator was used to help AMT in their R&D and training. Over time, as part of the SAFE-CAB project, a smaller version of this simulator was developed to provide a more mobile platform. This platform will also be deployed during our visit to ESCVS, to allow visitors to get some hands-on experience with the ELANA Heart Bypass system.  

Training at AMT

This new simulator is now also being used by AMT in their own lab, to provide training to new users of the ELANA Heart Bypass system, to make sure they are well prepared and well equipped the first time they perform this procedure on the patient. At LifeTec, we are proud to support AMT in getting this procedure to the patient, who will benefit from the reduced recovery time and fewer serious complications. 

If you want to learn more about our simulator or the ELANA Heart Bypass procedure, make sure to visit if you're at ESCVS. If you aren't, but would still like to know more about this simulator or our other platforms, don't hesitate to reach out!

This project has received funding from the European Union's H2020-EU.3 - Priority Societal Challenges programme and H2020-EU.2.1 - Industrial Leadership programme under grant agreement No 869922.

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