CSI Frankfurt, June 28 to July 1, will provide a deep dive into major topics in catheter-based therapy of congenital, structural and valvar heart disease. So goes the opening line on the CSI website and LifeTec Group is excited to pitch in.

LifeTec Group will be represented in various ways at the CSI in Frankfurt:

as silver sponsor,

with a booth outfitted with a cardiac biosimulator platform,

as partner of NeoChord,

and as the main subject of the talk by Dr. Martin Swaans MD.

In the CSI Frankfurt 2017 news letter (link) you will read about NeoChord being one of the highlights of the conference when it comes to training opportunities:

At CSI Frankfurt 2017 you will benefit from a number of training opportunities. One of the highlights will be the beating heart bio-simulator workshop with the NeoChord device.

The NeoChord procedure is an off-pump, beating heart mitral valve repair indicated for patients with degenerative mitral valve regurgitation. Using trans-ventricular access, the DS1000 System deploys artificial chordae to the mitral valve leaflets under 2D and 3D echocardiographic guidance to restore normal mitral valve function in a beating heart. To date, more than 600 patients have been treated with the NeoChord procedure.

The workshop will include NeoChord device navigation, leaflet capture, and artificial chordae placement utilizing intra-cardiac echo in an ex vivo beating heart model. This workshop will be staffed by NeoChord Proctors and Clinical Specialists.

To register for the workshop or should you require additional information, please contact Marieke Korbijn at mkorbijn@neochord.com. Space is limited. Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible.

Cardiac Bio-simulator Platform

The ‘beating heart biosimulator workshop’ and therewith the ‘ex vivo beating heart model’, the intra-cardiac echo, 2D and 3D echocardiographic guidance of which is spoken in the newsletter will be organized and hosted by LifeTec Group’s Nicky de Jonge and Linda Kock.

Nicky de Jonge at work in Mannheim, at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society
Nicky de Jonge

“At the CSI we will work with our cardiac biosimulator again! It is exciting as always. So many people will come by during the conference and you want to give it your best! It is nice that Linda will join me. Together we can manage anything.

You might think that by now we know how it works at these conferences, but every time the exhibition floor is different. So, every time we have to figure out what the best setup for our booth is, where to best place the cardiac biosimulator, is there space to put a table where I can prepare the hearts?

It is fine if people see me preparing the hearts. I like to step-by-step explain what I am doing, but I have to have enough space to put all my tools, otherwise I cannot work the way I like.

Especially nice about the CSI Frankfurt is that I will go together with Linda and that she also enjoys running. Of course we will both bring our running shoes, but we’re not sure yet at what ungodly hour we will have to get up to run a few laps before the conference starts, but we will definitively try!”

Dr. Martin Swaans MD

Dr. Martin Swaans is cardiologist of the St. Antonius Ziekenhuis in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands), is Faculty Member Percutaneous Mitral Valve Repair Training for Abbott Vascular, and is Faculty member Watchman Multidisciplinary Team Training for Boston Scientific.

In his presentation Dr. Swaans will talk about complex interventions, about the importance to properly train for such interventions, about the growing awareness for proper training, and about the cardiac biosimulators as the solution that make training for these interventions possible.

Dr. Swaans has experience with the cardiac biosimulators of LifeTec Group, which he has gained at the 3D TEE ultrasound imaging workshops organized by Philips, for whom he is proctor and LifeTec Group the host.

3D TEE ultrasound imaging workshops organized by Philips

Jurgen de Hart

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

Head of Research & Training

Linda Kock

CSI Frankfurt 2017 | Floorplan

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