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Partners from academia, industry, health foundations, and regional governments join forces in RegMed XB. The aim is to cooperatively tackle ambitious challenges in regenerative medicine.

On March 30 (2017) the public kick-off and participants assembly takes place. As a RegMed XB partner LifeTec Group is of course present.

We would love to meet you in Leiden!


“Regenerative medicine holds the promise to cure many chronic conditions, restoring health rather than protracting decline, bettering the lives of millions and at the same time preventing lifelong, expensive care processes: cure instead of care.

RegMed XB brings together health foundations, scientists, entrepreneurs and governments to cooperatively tackle ambitious challenges in regenerative medicine. The partners include leading researchers and entrepreneurs with decades of world leading experience in regenerative medicine.”


This is how Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders introduces itself and its goals on the website.


"With partners from academia, industry, health foundations, and regional governments, RegMed XB has already funded three projects for five years:"

Photo © RegMed XB
Taking steps towards a bioengineered joint.

"Knee osteoarthritis affects 250 million people worldwide. It involves the degeneration of knee joint cartilage and the underlying bone. Patients can experience severe pain accompanied by a decreased range of motion and reduced mobility. Osteoarthritis has no cure, so treatment involves reducing and managing pain, or surgical interventions such as a total joint replacement. Regenerative medicine can offer a new treatment, for example through a bioengineered joint replacement. The RegMed XB partners are coming together to take the first steps towards a bioengineered joint as a treatment and possible cure for osteoarthritis of the knee."

Photo RegMed XB
A first subunit of a bioengineered kidney.

"There is a worldwide epidemic of end-stage kidney disease. At present, dialysis and transplantation are the only treatment options. In the Netherlands alone, 6,500 people currently depend on dialysis, approximately 1,300 of which will die this year. Regenerative medicine offers an alternative treatment in the form of a bioengineered kidney. In this first project, the RegMed XB partners will work towards creating a functioning subunit of a bioengineered kidney. This functional subunit is the nephron, of which there are approximately one million in the adult kidney."

Photo © RegMed XB
A proof-of-concept therapy for type 1 diabetes.

"Nearly 150,000 people in the Netherlands suffer from type 1 diabetes. In this disease, the insulin-producing β-cells in the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas are destroyed by an autoimmune reaction. Patients require lifelong insulin injections, often multiple times daily, and are at a high risk for secondary conditions, including blindness and kidney failure. Current treatments help manage the absence of islets, but there is no cure. The RegMed XB partners are working towards a proof-of-concept of a new therapy for type 1 diabetes."


LifeTec Group continuously pursues to support and enable the journey of MedTech innovations from idea to patient. The ideas of the RegMed XB initiative line up in multiple ways with LifeTec Group activities and therefore to join and support RegMed XB and all its partners is only natural.


The expertise of LifeTec Group is to design and create close-to-real experiments and platforms, including technology with which to culture, stimulate and realistically tests RegMed (prototype) products. This leads to faster and more representative and reliable research results.


To study repair and regeneration of abnormalities, disorders or diseases in bones and cartilage, it is of vital importance that in addition to research on cell level, the influence of surrounding tissues is also studied. This is the main conclusion of a study into the regeneration of bone and cartilage.

In light of this, an applicable example of LifeTec Group platform technology is the Osteochondral Platform. It was developed to enable medical scientists to keep bone and cartilage samples alive for up to eight weeks (under physiological circumstances) to assess and study the performance of regenerative medicine approaches for the repair of damaged and/or diseased bone and cartilage.


LifeTec Group and TU/e have joined forces in Meliora Medical BV to bring an invention by Professor Keita Ito of TU/e's department of Orthopaedic Biomechanics to the patient. The invention is a prosthetic intervertebral disc to reduce pain and restore freedom of movement in people with serious neck (and back - red.) problems.

This is an excellent example of the opportunities that LifeTec Group will also explore and support within the RegMed XB program and the life changing innovations that it will produce.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. ir. Linda Kock:

Head of Research & Training
Linda Kock
Call at +31 (0)40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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We greatfully acknowledge RegMed XB for the images and description of the three project lines.

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