Mitral Conclave 2019, New York
Mitral Conclave 2019, New York

On May 2-3 LifeTec Group’s Sjoerd (van Tuijl) will be present in New York for the Mitral Conclave meeting organized by AATS. A trip like that is of course first and foremost about what he can contribute, in this case to NeoChord and to the surgeons invited to train up in the use of NeoChord’s mitral valve repair device. 

Mitral valve insufficiency is one of the most common types of cardiovascular disease in the Western world. Treatment is often inevitable because in serious cases mitral valve insufficiency can cause heart failure.


Treatment can literally make the difference between life and death for the patient. There’s a wide range of possible treatments, depending on the kind of heart disease and how serious it is. Until recently, treatment of the most serious cases often meant open heart surgery: an invasive procedure in which the sternum is opened, the heart is temporarily stopped, and a valve is ‘repaired’ or replaced. Not only is this a risky operation, it also involves a very long period of recovery.

The US-based medtech company NeoChord developed a medical device (DS1000) with which the insufficiency can be corrected through an alternative, minimally invasive operation:

First, the device is placed inside the body through a small incision, a sternal-sparing left thoracotomy. Next it is guided to the heart, using 3D ultrasonography to establish the precise location. The device clamps onto the mitral valve and attaches new synthetic tendons to it. This is a beating-heart, off-pump procedure to minimize complications and have a real-time confirmation of repair. 

"NeoChord’s minimally invasive solution is a fantastic improvement on traditional surgery - provided the surgeon has enough experience in working with the device."  

The demands of training of heart surgeons are met by LifeTec Group with its Cardiac Biosimulator Platform and the customization it allows to tailored training.

Thanks to this bespoke platform, surgeons all over the world now have an opportunity to experience a steep learning curve and gain the necessary experience with what they themselves consider “probably the best simulator model I’ve ever seen”:


Probably the best simulator model I’ve ever seen” 

Dr. Michael A. Borger 

Columbia NewYork-Presbyterian 

‘Our ‘Cardiac Biosimulator Platform’ mimics the real life situation using a real heart.’ Says Sjoerd van Tuijl, Senior Research Engineer of LifeTec Group: ‘We have already trained dozens of surgeons over the past years. They are all extremely enthusiastic, not only about the new device but certainly also about our Cardiac Biosimulator Platform, because it resembles reality so closely.’


It would be our great pleasure to meet you in New York. Visit us at the NeoChord booth and get acquainted with the latest technologies for mitral valve repair.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sjoerd van Tuijl if you require any further information:

Senior Research Engineer
Sjoerd van Tuijl
Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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