Meet us in San Francisco!

"Why attend TCT in San Francisco?"
"Why attend TCT in San Francisco?"

Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) 2019 is the worlds’ premier educational meeting specializing in interventional cardiovascular medicine, with a host of opportunities for learning through both lecture series and the hands-on workshops at our Training Pavilions. It is a not-to-be-missed event if you’re active in the field of cardiology!


One reason why we are attending:

LifeTec Group developed the Cardiac Biosimulator platform. It’s a lifelike biosimulator with which dozens of thoracic surgeons and cardiologists have been trained over the past few years to perform minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery procedures. 

Improved availability and accessibility

LifeTec Group responds to the enthusiasm of ‘the market’: 

“We have improved the availability of the platform and we’ve made it more accessible - and we’re working on further improvements as we speak” says LifeTec Group CEO Dr. Jurgen de Hart.

“The Cardiac Biosimulator Platform, and the services for ‘lifelike cardiac intervention simulation for medical professionals’, are growing parts of our activities.”

Cardiac surgeon and ‘living legend in surgery’ Dr. Walter Randolph Chitwood Jr. called it “the best of what is currently available in this range”

He compared the training of heart surgeons or cardiologists to the intensive simulator practice that professional pilots have to do on a regular basis. 

‘Road show’

LifeTec Group aims to personally answer all your questions. That’s why LifeTec Group’s Cardiac Biosimulator team will be ‘on tour’ in the next few months.

Check below where you can meet Jurgen de Hart (CEO), Marco Stijnen (Head of Medtech Innovation), Sjoerd van Tuijl (Senior Research Engineer), Dave Wanders (R&D Engineer), Bart Smeets (R&D Engineer) or Mattia D'Alessi (R&D Engineer):

  • [15 September | Focus Valve | Innsbruck, Austria] [invitation only]
  • [25 > 29 September | TCT | San Francisco, Califormia]
  • [23 > 26 October | (Cardiology Conference) | Turin, Italy 
  • [6 November | Catharina Hospital 'Heart week' | Eindhoven, The Netherlands]
  • [17 November | PCR London Valves | London, United Kingdom]

If you’d like to schedule a meeting with one of them please contact Office Manager Janneke Cuijpers (phone: +31 40 298 93 93, or email:


Jurgen de Hart

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

Senior Research Engineer

Sjoerd van Tuijl

Office Manager

Janneke Cuijpers

R&D engineer

Dave Wanders

R&D Engineer

Bart Smeets

R&D Engineer

Mattia D'Alessi

Platform & Services Information:


  • Cardiac Biosimulator platform description (webpage)
  • Platforms overview (webpage)


Scientific Journal:

"The Dynamic Cardiac Biosimulator"

The Dynamic Cardiac Biosimulator: 

a Method for Training Physicians in Beating-Heart Mitral Valve Repair Procedures

The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Vol. 155, Issue 1, p147–155 [link]

Scientific review video [link]

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