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On the 4th of November, LifeTec Group's PhysioHeart platform featured in the episode of “De Kennis van Nu” about making more donor organs suitable for implantation and improving their quality will be broadcasted on dutch TV. The show will was aired at 22:20 on NPO2 (only in Dutch). Last September we hosted their TV crew in our lab to witness the PhysioHeartTM platform during an experiment that was part of the RegMedXB research program.


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The whole episode can be watched through the website of the program "De kennis van Nu". The link to that page is here.

The program starts in the University Medical Center of Groningen, where a method was developed to recondition donor organs that were initially rejected for transplantation. The reconditioning of the organ in many cases improves the condition of the organ by so much that it will be viable for transplantation again, which is a major gain for the patients on the waiting list. Halfway through the program, the team switches to the LifeTec laboratory, where we are doing research on regenerative methods to treat organs in the future, in the context of the so-called cardiovascular moonshot of the RegMedXB research program. The ultimate goal in this project is to develop therapies to repair diseased organs inside the patient, so that a donor organ is not even needed. Of course those therapies cannot yet be tested on real patients, and the PhysioHeart™ platform is therefore a great tool to use in the quest to develop such novel techniques.

We will share video clips from the tv program in the coming days - as they become available, so make sure to also check our social channels!





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