Scientific 3D Animations

Producing a good-looking, scientifically correct 3D animation that is informative as well as entertaining, and suitable for specialists as well as the masses… We’ve discovered that there are very few companies who can do that, at least at the advanced level we had in mind.

LifeTec Group feels that medtech can truly benefit from Scientific 3D Animations, so we took it upon ourselves to get an international 3D Animation production unit together, combining the best concepters, storytellers and storyboarders, animators, motion graphics designers and sound designers for the job.

'a solid and attractive explanation'

LifeTec Group, being as it is a pre-clinical research lab, a training facilitator for physicians, a spin-off (of Eindhoven Technical University), a ‘medtech company developer’, scale-up company and ‘guide to CE’, has personally experienced how important a solid and attractive explanation is. Preferably not in long written pages but in fascinating moving images.

Translating science into moving images

Translating science into moving images, in a way that is scientifically correct, fascinating, informative and educational.

LifeTec Group joined forces with Wow!, a cooperative that formed the international Scientific 3D Animation team and now manages it. 

One of the results is the video above.

Technical information

For an explanation of the production process and other technical information please visit the Service Description [link] on this website.

Please do not hesitate to contact Anke Waterschoot if you require any further information:

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Anke Waterschoot
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