Beta-release of new web environment for LifeTec Group


It’s my great pleasure to welcome you most warmly to the new web environment of LifeTec Group.

A lot of effort has been put into this new environment by a number of devoted people, whom  I’m most grateful for all their wonderful help.

Behind the scenes of the web environment, a plan for continued future development is present of which the Beta release that you have found today is only the first step.

Your input

Before starting the actual development process we have been intensively communicating with our clients, collaboration partners, colleagues and other stakeholders and have listened to their findings, advices and wishes.

It was your input that has taught us that the web environment of LifeTec Group should not only be informative, but also a source of inspiration.

That it should not be ‘just’ a website, but also a corridor; a connection between inside and out, something that helps to facilitate and support the intensive collaboration we enjoy in real life in a digital fashion.

Virtual presence

Several of our relations have expressed that ‘distance is a hurdle’

This has encouraged us to work on virtual presence via our web environment; in the near future our colleague researchers and other interested parties can login to join and experience our activities ‘live’ in our laboratories without the need to actually travel.

Furthermore, we will initiate webinars in the near future, that you can follow live, and which you can replay from our web environment at your own convenience.

On site training for Neochord in New York | LifeTec Group's Alberto Leopaldi is explaining to Dr. David Adams
Sharing knowledge

‘Sharing knowledge’ is important as you accentuated. And for that reason, besides virtual presence and webinars, there is now a news section and a Tech & Training division. 


In the Tech & Training division you will find an increasing variety of tailor made training opportunities, which can take place either on site or at our facilities and when preferred can be branded as your own.


As you can see, we’re really enthusiastic about where we’re going and could fill many pages of all the beautiful ideas that we are going to materialize. But let’s do that step by step, just like we are doing the release of the new web environment one step at a time.

You are cordially invited to explore the Beta version of our web environment. It will probably not be without flaws and some content may still be amiss. Also, more footage and case descriptions are currently in production.

If you stumble upon imperfections during your exploration, we would be happy to receive your feedback and we’ll fix it as fast as we can. Enjoy!

On behalf of the entire LifeTec Group team:

Jurgen de Hart


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