Online Camera filming PhysioHeart

Online Assignments

As reported previously, LifeTec Group™ has introduced a camera communication system in its lab facility. This allows us to conduct studies using your device concepts on our research platforms, where you can be ‘virtually present’ in our lab to interact with our team throughout the experiments.

Sjoerd reactivating the PhysioHeart™

Gaining experience

In recent weeks, the online presence concept has been used on several occasions, and our team are gaining valuable experience and we’re improving and expanding the technology that is being used to give our remote clients the best opportunities to be part of the experiments. Not only can we share the live camera feed, but also individual screens can be shared such as endoscopic camera views, the display of our ultrasound machine, our hemodyanimic monitoring system, and so on. Also the possibility to annotate in the live video feeds is proving a helpful functionality in the online communications!

Bart managing displays to share with online clients

Virtual presence here to stay!

Even though the concept of an online connection was born out of necessity due to the Corona pandemic, the feedback we get from our clients is so positive that we truly believe that this addition to our services is here to stay. Surely, once travel restrictions are lifted we expect some of our client’s engineers wish to be physically present in our lab. The online presence, however, allows perfect access to the lab for a larger part of our client’s team during the most exciting parts of the study from their offices, reducing their need for travel!

Head of MedTech Innovation

Marco Stijnen

Head of Research & Training

Linda Kock

R&D engineer

Dave Wanders

Senior Research Engineer

Sjoerd van Tuijl

R&D Engineer

Bart Smeets

Project Manager and Engineer

Anke Waterschoot

R&D Engineer

Bertus van de Wetering

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Head of MedTech Innovation
Marco Stijnen
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