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TV recordings at LifeTec Group™

Earlier this month we had the honor to host another TV show in our lab! This time, the Dutch network NTR visited a PhysioHeart™ experiment to make recordings of our ex-vivo beating heart platform for their TV show “De Kennis van Nu”, for an episode about scientific research on improving the quality of donor organs and making more donor organs available for transplantation.

regeneration of organs


LifeTec Group™ is actively participating in an international research program on regenerative medicine called RegMedXB, specifically in the so-called cardiac moonshot. In that moonshot program, the ultimate goal is to develop restorative techniques that allow the heart to heal itself inside your own body. However, since such techniques cannot be tested inside the human body, an intermediate solution is to develop an environment in which the heart can survive outside the body, allowing our consortium to develop these regenerative techniques. As such, LifeTec Group™’s PhysioHeart platform is a great starting point for such an ambitious project.

PhysioHeart™ on Dutch national TV

The TV crew was amazed to see a heart beating in our lab, completely separated from a body, and it was a perfect example of how research can be done to improve the condition of organs in a safely isolated environment. The episode on donor organs is planned to be broadcast in November and we can hopefully share film material afterwards on our site.

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