Cardiac BioSimulator platform: 4-chamber circulation mode

A new step has been made in the application possibilities for the Cardiac BioSimulator platform: a 4-chamber circulation mode has recently been trialed for the first time!  

Cardiac BioSimulator platform: 4-chamber circulation mode
'cardiac device interventions'

The Cardiac BioSimulator (click here) is known for its great possibilities on simulating cardiac device interventions, both for R&D applications as well as for training workshops.

Mostly, these interventions can be simulated by a left (systemic) circulation model as most devices have targeted the left heart in the past. 

Hearts of different species, even human cadaver hearts (click here), can be used in this platform, depending on the desired anatomical features for specific studies.

Recent development

The recent development involves a duplication of all the hardware, incorporating both atria and ventricles into a single, closed circulation loop. 

This is very interesting for training and studying interventions or imaging that require both sides of the heart to be functional. 

For example, in ventricular assist device studies the support that the pump provides will have an effect both on the treated ventricle as well as the untreated ventricle, as the untreated ventricle will be provided with more volume once the VAD is running. 

[video: Cardiac BioSimulator platform in 4-chamber circulation mode]

Also, in imaging of the heart, the moving valves are often used as a reference for orientation to position and maneuver cardiac devices inside the hearts’ cavities. Now that all the cavities and heart valves are included, this creates more representative imaging perspectives.

More specifically, the 4-chamber application of the Cardiac BioSimulator (click here) is interesting for bi-ventricular or bi-atrial interventions, as well as for trans-septal approaches. 

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