LifeTec Group is keen to act as a stepping stone for up-and-coming talent. Today in our series of Promising Rookies: Edoardo Andreini.

In addition to its regular researchers, LifeTec Group also employs a number of so-called early stage researchers. These employees from outside the Netherlands are part of a team of European researchers focusing on one field of study. The studies are funded by the EC.

Edoardo Andreini (30) from Turin is one of these early stage researchers. He was recently added to the team at LifeTec Group.

‘This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I haven’t regretted it for a second.’

A 'Weekend van de Wetenschap' selfie: Left, Melanie Krüger. Middle, Edoardo Andreini. Right, Noemi Vanerio

[Photo: left to right; Melanie Krüger, Edoardo Andreini, Noemi Vanerio]

'keeping me too far from my biomedical background'

After studying Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Turin (which, incidentally, was nominated Best University of Europe), Edoardo soon found a job. He started out as a Application Engineer with National Instruments in Milan, a manufacturer of hardware for industrial automation and virtual instrumentation software. It was a great job, and yet Edoardo felt something was missing. 'I was enjoying it enormously, but it was keeping me too far from my biomedical background.' In the end he left his job. 

Before long he had found a new one. 'While I was still working for National Instruments, word of mouth brought me to LifeTec Group website. I was really interested right away and in a short time I submitted my application. My background as a biomedical engineer is very useful here, and I can gain more in-depth knowledge. Also, this fantastic lab makes my heart beat faster.’ 

LifeTec Group | Osteochondral Platform
Research project CarBon

For the next three years Edoardo will be part of the LifeTec Group team. As an early stage researcher he will be working on the CarBon project [link], in which co-worker Linda is also closely involved:

‘The consortium studies the possibilities of regenerating cartilage tissue. As for me personally, I’m modifying LifeTec Group’s existing osteochondral platform [linkand using it to obtain an osteochondral ex-vivo disease model. Such model will serve as a starting point to evaluate the effectiveness of medications or drugs conceived for cartilage regeneration.’ 

Feel at home

Although our new Italian colleague has only lived in Eindhoven for a few months, he feels very much at home here. ‘Turin and Eindhoven actually have quite a lot in common. Both cities were made great by industry. Also, they both have a Technical University with good reputations and solid connections in the business world. Plus, both Turin and Eindhoven are real soccer towns. The only thing is the weather…’ 

Linda Kock explaining

Linda, Edoardo’s coach, is pleased with his arrival.

His knowledge of biomedical engineering is very useful to us, so he really brings added value to our consortium. And also to LifeTec Group itself. We regularly benefit from his knowledge and experience as a biomedical engineer. But above all, Edo is simply a great guy to work with.' 

Edoardo's contact details:

Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us


Welcome to the team Edoardo! Very much looking forward to your creativity and contributions.

I am very proud of Edoardo! I had the good chance to meet him at Politecnico in Turin. He was a very talented student and a good friend.
I wish him all the best for his career at LifeTecGroup. Good luck Edo!!!

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