LifeTec Group - ASAIO 2018, Washington

LifeTec Group’s Noemi Vanerio and Benjamin Kappler reported on their projects at the 64th ASAIO conference in Washington. 


“Turning Ideas into Solutions through Innovation”:

that was the theme of the 64th edition of the annual ASAIO conference, the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, which took place on 13 through 16 June in Washington DC.

Noemi Vanerio works for LifeTec Group on ‘Musicare’ and on the ‘Vascular Bioreactor Platform’. Benjamin Kappler works on ‘VPH-CaSE’ and on LifeTec Group’s ‘PhysioHeart Platform’. They both had the honor of presenting their projects, as well as the insights they acquired, to an audience of professionals from all over the world. 

LifeTec Group, ASAIO 2018, Washington |  Benjamin Kappler and Noemi Vanerio checking in


The focus is on science, of course, but there was also time to see a bit of Washington. Noemi and Benjamin report:

LifeTec Group | ASAIO 2018, Washington | Noemi Vanerio explaining, in front of her poster

Noemi Vanerio:

"Also this year, ASAIO annual conference did not disappoint my expectations. It was again a wonderful opportunity to share not only work achievements, but also the passion for science and medicine. A huge amount of very innovative approaches and applications were presented in an enthusiastic way, which I personally love.

Meeting old friends and new people from all over the world and with different backgrounds was amazing and it is a key point to enrich our own baggage of knowledge and expertise and to bring LifeTec Group into the future." 

(With 'also' Noemi is refering to her presentation at ASAIO 2017 in Chicago. -link- ) 

LifeTec Group | ASAIO 2018, Washington | Noemi Vanerio and Benjamin Kappler, Washington Monument

"The possibility to present the continuation of my work with the Vascular Bioreactor Platform (VABIO) within MUSICARE project in such an interesting conference made me feel really happy especially since ASAIO conference it is now including also sessions about tissue engineering, besides “traditional” artificial organs. 

Enjoying the sunset behind Capitol Hill, taking pictures in front of the White House and feeling small under the Washington Monument (photo) were just the perfect completion of a great professional and personal experience."

LifeTec Group | ASAIO 2018, Washington | Photo by Benjamin Kappler

Benjamin Kappler:

"For me, it was the first time that I got the chance to attend an ASAIO conference. Washington D.C. is great place for such a conference. Walking around the government buildings, the Whitehouse and the Capitol was really a great experience. Recognizing all these building from movies was even more exciting."

"The ASAIO conference focuses on temporarily functional replacement of organs by technologies which offers a bridge until donor organs become available."

LifeTec Group | ASAIO 2018, Washington | Benjamin Kappler explaining, in front of her poster

"Attending the annual ASAIO conference together with Noemi was a great experience. Not only because I could present part of my work on the ex vivo PhysioHeart platform but more to get in touch with other engineers, physicians or scientist in the field from around the world to talk about common issues, interest and projects. 

Particularly, my experience has shown that by talking to people with different background about mutual technical issues creates new innovative ideas. The ASAIO conference truly enables these opportunities to create innovation." 

Relevant links and background information:

Noemi and Benjamin in the picture, on the LifeTec Group website:

  • Early stage researchers (website news item)  [link]

Benjamin Kappler:

  • VPH-CaSE [link]
  • PhysioHeart Platform [link]

Noemi Vanerio:

  • Musicare [link]
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What is ASAIO? (quoted from the ASAIO website)

- A venue for young investigators to start building their careers.
- A home for visionaries and entrepreneurs.
- A society where scientists, clinicians, engineers and industry are treated as equals.
- A culture with respect for all ideas.
- The crossroads of science, engineering, regulatory and clinical practice.

Program Chairman – Joseph Zwischenberger, MD | Deputy Program Chairman – Egemen Tuzun, MD, PhD

ASAIO website [link]

Conference Abstracts:

The Conference Abstracts are available through the following link: [link]

Noemi Vanerio – Page 15 | Benjamin Kappler – Page 42


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