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Promising Rookies: Tim van den Boom

LifeTec Group is always in motion, constantly looking for new innovations that may contribute to a better world.

Since last March, Tim van den Boom (24) is part of that search; he gets to contribute as a PDEng student (Professional Doctorate in Engineering). 

Qualified Medical Engineer

Tim combines his TU/e course with a job at LifeTec Group as Junior R&D Engineer, a job title he holds since March this year. Before that he got his degree in Biomedical Engineering at TU/e, followed by a Master in Medical Engineering. Currently he is in training for Qualified Medical Engineer

Application for Cardiac Surgeons

Together with his colleague Bettine he is developing an application for cardiac surgeons. The software enables them to make a well-founded decision when choosing between placing a stent and going for a bypass.

Courtesy: Dr. S. Venkatesan MD |

“The starting point is still the patient’s angiogram,” Tim explains.

“The scan is loaded into our software and it turns the images into a virtual (part of the) heart in the blink of an eye, showing the vascular system and the blood flow. The surgeon can then use the information to consider the options.

The models are already available through TU/e, so now the challenge for us is to translate the correct image from the angiogram into our model. And then there’s the interface, of course, so there’s a lot of programming to be done.”

"I learn skills here that you can't learn in school"

Tim values his work experience at LifeTec Group very much. “I learn skills here that you can’t learn in school. I work in a team of young people, and I get a lot of freedom to work on my project.” Does he know what he wants to do after his two years here? “It would be terrific if we got the opportunity to keep developing the product.” 

Tim's contact details:

Call at +31 40 298 93 93 or e-mail us

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